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Weekly TeeBird Report Weibring End of Season Scramble & Luncheon: 22 September 2022

Twenty-four TeeBird golfers were treated to a taste of Fall weather. It was a sunny morning but felt a bit nippy with temps in the mid 50’s. Wayne Lockwood was ready to get us STARTED with the 9 am Shotgun start. Thanks, Wayne. In addition to the foursome Scramble, Hank C had set up 9 challenges for the 9 holes.  The helpful STAFF at Weibring set out the markers for the challenges. Tom and Max, you are appreciated for your help all season! Thank You!

The Scramble scores ranged from 32 to 40 for a range of 8. The scores were 40, 36, 35, 35, 34, and 32. The average was 35.3, a good golfing day.

  • Hank Campbell, Mark Campbell, Dave Strand and Sandy Groves had some nice fairway shots onto the greens but struggled with putting thus carding six bogies. They birdied two holes, # 2 and # 6 giving them their 40.
  • Wayne Lockwood, Dave Williams, Paul Kahle and John Goodman had a 36. All was at a parr level until the 8th hole where they bogied hole # 8 with a 5. They recovered a bit on # 9 by scratching out a birdie giving the team a 36.
  • Jim Kellogg, Kenny Weaver, Kim Pereira and JoEllen Bahnsen held firm with a 35. They posted one birdie (#6) and one bogie, (#9) for the 9 holes.
  • Gary Duffy, Lane Crothers, Larry Lowe and David Anderson had a 35, too. The one hole birdied was the par 5, # 6, giving them their final score.
  • A nice score of 34 was carded by John Walker, Ron Smith, Chuck McGuire and Bob Bahnsen. They had a chip-in birdie on hole # 3.
  • The best Scramble score of the day was a 32 by Al Pote, Mike Novario, Dick Moore and Cal Lawrence. They had 4 birdies and no bogies. Dick M sank a 45’ on hole # 4 fir the birdie. Mike Novario hit his second shot on # 8 about 20 inches from the hole on hole #8 yielding a birdie. Super nice play!

PRIZE BALLS: Al P, Mike N, Dick M and Cal Lawrence for the low score of 32.

Hank Campbell announced winners of the 9 Challenges. Hole # 1, longest Putt was by Wayne Lockwood. Hole # 2, longest drive, Paul Kahle. Hole # 4, closest to pin was Paul Kahle.  Mark Campbell had the longest drive in the fairway on Hole # 5, about 260 yds. Within the same group, Sandy Groves had the shortest drive (no distance noted!). Jo Bahnsen had the longest putt on # 6. Lane Crothers smacked a nice drive closest to the pin on # 7. On # 8, Mike Novario was closest to the pin on a shot from the fairway. Gary Duffy finished off # 9 hole with the longest putt of 3 inches (correct!)

Many of the prizes for the challenges were $10 gift certificates. Four ticket drawings were held for certificates for an 18-hole round with cart at the Weibring golf course. These were compliments of Tom in the ISU Weibring Pro Shop. Thank you, Tom!

A very nice chicken sandwich lunch with potato salad was enjoyed by the TeeBirds. Thanks go to Sandy Groves for the order from Avanti’s along with various chips. Al Pote brought a variety of drinks for all to enjoy. JoEllen Bahnsen furnished delightful cookies and rice krispy bars. Thank you, Al and JoEllen.

Dave Williams, thanks for doing our website and keeping up with Golf Genius, scoring, member signups and emails/messages. Dave thanked all members for signing up each week then showing up on time and ready to play.  He commented that this was our best year adding new members. Other thanks go out to the co-ordinating committee: Chuck McGuire helped with membership. Wayne Lockwood for lining up the Starters for the season. Bob and JoEllen Bahnsen for tracking and passing out the PRIZE Balls. Hank Campbell took care of our treasury, scheduled courses for the outings, collected money for lunches, collected prizes and contributed to the weekly reports. Thanks to the work of all these Teebirds, we enjoyed an outstanding season. Plan to be with us again next year everyone!

Dave Williams highlighted our post season action with a handout. Next week is an outing at Lakeside Country Club hosted by Rich Strle. The 18-hole event will tee off at 8 am. A following lunch will be served at the club for a cost of $17, drinks and tips included.  

--submitted by Hank Campbell

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