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Weekly TeeBird Report Weibring End of Season Scramble & Luncheon: 22 September 2022

Twenty-four TeeBird golfers were treated to a taste of Fall weather. It was a sunny morning but felt a bit nippy with temps in the mid 50’s. Wayne Lockwood was ready to get us STARTED with the 9 am Shotgun start. Thanks, Wayne. In addition to the foursome Scramble, Hank C had set up 9 challenges for the 9 holes.  The helpful STAFF at Weibring set out the markers for the challenges. Tom and Max, you are appreciated for your help all season! Thank You!

The Scramble scores ranged from 32 to 40 for a range of 8. The scores were 40, 36, 35, 35, 34, and 32. The average was 35.3, a good golfing day.

  • Hank Campbell, Mark Campbell, Dave Strand and Sandy Groves had some nice fairway shots onto the greens but struggled with putting thus carding six bogies. They birdied two holes, # 2 and # 6 giving them their 40.
  • Wayne Lockwood, Dave Williams, Paul Kahle and John Goodman had a 36. All was at a parr level until the 8th hole where they bogied hole # 8 with a 5. They recovered a bit on # 9 by scratching out a birdie giving the team a 36.
  • Jim Kellogg, Kenny Weaver, Kim Pereira and JoEllen Bahnsen held firm with a 35. They posted one birdie (#6) and one bogie, (#9) for the 9 holes.
  • Gary Duffy, Lane Crothers, Larry Lowe and David Anderson had a 35, too. The one hole birdied was the par 5, # 6, giving them their final score.
  • A nice score of 34 was carded by John Walker, Ron Smith, Chuck McGuire and Bob Bahnsen. They had a chip-in birdie on hole # 3.
  • The best Scramble score of the day was a 32 by Al Pote, Mike Novario, Dick Moore and Cal Lawrence. They had 4 birdies and no bogies. Dick M sank a 45’ on hole # 4 fir the birdie. Mike Novario hit his second shot on # 8 about 20 inches from the hole on hole #8 yielding a birdie. Super nice play!

PRIZE BALLS: Al P, Mike N, Dick M and Cal Lawrence for the low score of 32.

Hank Campbell announced winners of the 9 Challenges. Hole # 1, longest Putt was by Wayne Lockwood. Hole # 2, longest drive, Paul Kahle. Hole # 4, closest to pin was Paul Kahle.  Mark Campbell had the longest drive in the fairway on Hole # 5, about 260 yds. Within the same group, Sandy Groves had the shortest drive (no distance noted!). Jo Bahnsen had the longest putt on # 6. Lane Crothers smacked a nice drive closest to the pin on # 7. On # 8, Mike Novario was closest to the pin on a shot from the fairway. Gary Duffy finished off # 9 hole with the longest putt of 3 inches (correct!)

Many of the prizes for the challenges were $10 gift certificates. Four ticket drawings were held for certificates for an 18-hole round with cart at the Weibring golf course. These were compliments of Tom in the ISU Weibring Pro Shop. Thank you, Tom!

A very nice chicken sandwich lunch with potato salad was enjoyed by the TeeBirds. Thanks go to Sandy Groves for the order from Avanti’s along with various chips. Al Pote brought a variety of drinks for all to enjoy. JoEllen Bahnsen furnished delightful cookies and rice krispy bars. Thank you, Al and JoEllen.

Dave Williams, thanks for doing our website and keeping up with Golf Genius, scoring, member signups and emails/messages. Dave thanked all members for signing up each week then showing up on time and ready to play.  He commented that this was our best year adding new members. Other thanks go out to the co-ordinating committee: Chuck McGuire helped with membership. Wayne Lockwood for lining up the Starters for the season. Bob and JoEllen Bahnsen for tracking and passing out the PRIZE Balls. Hank Campbell took care of our treasury, scheduled courses for the outings, collected money for lunches, collected prizes and contributed to the weekly reports. Thanks to the work of all these Teebirds, we enjoyed an outstanding season. Plan to be with us again next year everyone!

Dave Williams highlighted our post season action with a handout. Next week is an outing at Lakeside Country Club hosted by Rich Strle. The 18-hole event will tee off at 8 am. A following lunch will be served at the club for a cost of $17, drinks and tips included.  

--submitted by Hank Campbell

Weekly TeeBird Report Weibring Bramble Team Play Yard of Putts 15 September 2022

Weather magic of Thursday mornings occurred again at ISU Weibring Golf Course. Seventeen faithful and optimistic Teebird golfers showed up to test their skills with Bramble plus Team play. A bonus was the fun of the Yard of Putts to save strokes due to nearly made putts. The course was in great condition and the pro shop staff greeted us nicely showing off their newly installed counter. It is truly distinctive and attractive.

Jim Kellogg was our STARTER showing up wearing a ‘Caddie Shack’ gopher outfit. It was quite a blast to see the laughs and smiles as 5 Teams were given scorecards and tapes for the Yard of Putts then hustled off to the first tee by 8 am. Thank you, Gopher Jim!  (Paul, Jim, and Lane in photo)

Bramble scores ranged from a low of 33 to the top limit of 47 or 14. Average score was 41. The Best Ball Team scores via Golf Genius, had 2 teams tied with scores of 69 with the 3 other Teams finishing the 9 holes with 72, 75 and 76.

  • The Team of Sandy Groves, Jim Kellogg and Wayne Lockwood had 76. Jim K had the best Bramble score of 38. No special shots were noted on their scorecard.
  • Team of Gary Klass and Bob Bahnsen scored a Best Ball of 75, however, Gary K turned in the best Bramble score of 33. He had 3 birdies and no bogies.
  • The Team of Dave Williams, Kenny Weaver, Kim Pereira and Al Pote carded a 72 for Best Ball. Al P had the best Bramble score of 37. Al and Kenny both had drives of 210 yds on hole # 4. Nicely done!
  • A tie score of 69 was posted by Team Paul Kahle, Lane Crothers, Ron Smith and Ken Brooks. Paul K, Ron S, and Lane C had Bramble scores of 37. Of note, Paul, Ron and Lane EAGLED the par 5 # 2 hole while Ken birdied the hole. The same 3 birdied the par 5, 6thhole.
  • The Team of Gary Duffy, Larry Lowe, Dick Moore (welcome back, Dick!), and Hank Campbell also had Best Ball Team score of 69. Gary D had the low Bramble score of 34 of everyone with 3 birdies and a lone bogie on the par 5 # 2 hole.

PRIZE BALLS:  Gary Klass with the low Bramble score of 33. The two teams with the scores of 69 included Paul Kahle, Ken Brooks, Lane Crothers, Ron Smith, Gary Duffy, Larry Lowe, Dick Moore, and Hank Campbell.

Next week is our final outing of the season at ISU Weibring, Thursday, September 22, 2022. We will play a SCRAMBLE format. There will be special HOLE CHALLENGES on the front nine. Prizes will be awarded as well as ticket drawings. A celebration luncheon has been planned by Sandy Groves and Al Pote with Avanti's grilled chicken breast sandwiches with side fixing, chips, beverage, and cookies (thanks to JoEllen!). Thank you, thank you. Cost is $11 for food and drinks collected by Hank. Guests are welcome to attend the luncheon.

Post-season open play through October is planned.  Details at the luncheon on Thursday.

Thanks to all loyal TeeBirds members for a fun season. Only one Thursday outing was called due to weather throughout the season. See you for shotgun start next week at 9 AM (note later time) and our season final luncheon in the Pavilion around 11:15.

--submitted by Hank Campbell

Weekly TeeBirds Report Texas Scramble Ironwood Beverage Social: 8 September 2022

Not a cloud in the sky nor any slippage in Tee times at Ironwood. Brian, cheerful as ever, welcomed the TeeBirds to Ironwood to kick off the Texas Scramble at 8:06. Larry Lowe was our STARTER, checked the Teams, passed out the scorecards and all 22 made their way to the first Tee on time. Thank you, Larry!

Sandy Groves reminded everyone about the beverage social in the clubhouse after 9 holes. She furnished a variety of chips for all to enjoy. Thanks, Sandy.

Today was a perfect day to play golf. And the TeeBirds came through by all groups scoring par 36 or better for the 9 holes. The scores were 36, 36, 34, 34, 32, and 30. The average score hovered around 34! That’s a lot of fun for the morning!

  • Sandy Groves, Bill Jordan, Kim Periera, and Ron Smith teamed together to string nine consecutive pars scoring 36. All pars with no bogies, a fine round!
  • Dave Williams, Hank Campbell, Dave Anderson and Ken Brooks had chances for birdies on several holes but couldn’t find the putting accuracy. The par 5 # 3 hole, for example, yielded a bogie due to missing a makable putt. The team did make a birdie 3 on hole # 6 to gain back the lost stroke. However, on hole # 9, Hank sank a 25’ putt to save the par. The final score was 36.
  • Al Pote, Rich Strle, Lane Crouthers and Randy Phillips finishes with a 2 under score of 34. They teamed together to get 2 birdies, one from the par 3 # 4 hole and a 3 on the par 4 # 6 hole. Seven pars completed their scorecard. Rich Strle made the 12’ putt for the birdie on # 4. On the 6th hole, Rich stoked a nice 240 yd drive from the tee. He proceeded to pitch his next shot stopping 10” from the cup, thus earning the bird for the hole. Great shots, Rich!
  • Paul Kale, Larry Lowe, Steve Kern and Clyde Vieth (our first-time guest player. Welcome, Clyde!) The team did well with 3 birdies on holes 2, 3 and 7. The bogie bug showed up on hole # 5, a 5 on the par 4 hole. Final score for nine holes, 34.
  • Chuck McGuire, Gary Klass and Kenny Weaver found some birdie magic on holes 2, 3, 5 and 7 while settling for pars on the remaining 5 holes. The 32 was an outstanding score. That had to be a fun golf day at Ironwood!
  • The best round of the morning was recorded by John Walker, Gary Duffy and Wayne Lockwood. They scorched the front 9 with a 30! The scorecard showed six birdies and 3 pars. Five of the birdies were consecutive starting on hole # 2 through hole # 7. The remaining bird was scored on hole # 9. On hole # 5, gary contributed a solo birdie. This was fantastic golf, guys! Congratulations!

PRIZE BALLS: Gary D, Chuck M, and Wayne L for the super fun round of 30!

Next week is the next to the last play day of the TeeBirds regular season held at ISU Weibring. The September 15th outing is a BRAMBLE with free yard of putts. Jim Kellogg will be the STARTER for the 8 am tee time. Let’s all come together as fellow TeeBirds and enjoy a fun morning of golf. Thanks for playing throughout the season. Please remain healthy and we will see you at Weibring next week!  

--Hank Campbell

Weekly TeeBirds Report Texas Scramble Prairie Vista 1 September 2022

The weather was terrific for the TeeBirds return to a very green Prairie Vista Golf Course. Sixteen Birds showed up and ready to play only to be held back by confusion with our 8 am scheduled tee time. All efforts by our STARTER Kenny Weaver were futile. Thanks for trying, Kenny. The PV staff insisted we wait until 9 to get our Texas Scramble underway. It was quite frustrating for our members observing open gaps on the # 1 tee box during the hour delay.

It was a very competitive play day as the four groups posted scores of 36, 35, 35 and 34 on Golf Genius. Six birdies were noted on the scorecards and one Eagle! None of the 4 groups escaped without having a bogie.

Chuck McGuire, Kim Pereira, Randy Phillips and Rich Strle scored a birdie on the first hole, a fine start. The pars kept coming until the par 4, 6th hole bogie. One birdie, 1 bogie and 7 pars gave them the 36 even par round.

Sandy Groves, Larry Lowe, Gary Klass and Dave Anderson teamed up to scramble for a 35 score. Gary Klass slammed a 240 yd drive on # 4, par 5 hole. Their second shot stopped 15 ft from the hole. Sandy sank the amazing 12 ft putt for the EAGLE! Way to go, Sandy!

Gary Duffy, Ken Brooks, Paul Kahle and Cal Lawrence carded birdies on hole # 2 and # 4. All went well until the tough par 5 #7 hole where a bogie was scored. Only pars followed on holes 8 and 9, thus giving them a 35 for the 9 holes. No miracle or notable team shots were recorded by Captain Duffy.

Hank Campbell, Dick Menard, Kenny Weaver and Al Pote were the last group off the # 1 tee where they barely missed the birdie putt and settled for a par. Al drove a drive on the # 2 par 4 hole about 8 ft off the green. All missed the next shot but holed out for the birdie. Hank smacked a 22 yd drive in the fairway on the # 4 par 5 hole. Al then launched a shot on to the green 12 ft from the pin. The team got the birdie. Hank hit his drive within 8 ft on the left side of the pin on the # 5 par 3. The team could only score the par. All drives did not make the green on the # 8 par 3. A bogie 4 was the result. To improve their score, they had to birdie the last hole. Al Pote came through with a fine drive on # 9. Three of the team chipped on to the green, the best one was 8 ft from the cup. The putt rattled into the cup for the birdie! Final score, a 34.

PRIZE BALLS:  One each for the wining team members of Dick M, Kenny W, Hank C and Al P.  One prize ball to Sandy for sinking the EAGLE putt!

Next week, September 8, TeeBirds will be ready to play a Texas Scramble at IRONWOOD. Larry Lowe will be the STARTER. It’s time to have another BEVERAGE SOCIAL at the end of 9 holes. Our TeeBird treasury will pay for the drinks.

We are so sorry for the delayed start of the week’s match at PV. We’ve tried hard to assure correct times and locations for our season of play. Fun play and having a good time with each other has always been our goal. Thanks for your loyalty to the Teebirds.  Hopefully, we all will remain healthy. Best wishes for fine Labor Day holiday with your families and others throughout our community.

--Hank Campbell

Weekly TeeBirds Report Bramble with Hi-5 Challenge and Team Best Ball, ISU Weibring GC, 18 August 2022

TeeBirds, we had one of the best turnouts for an outing all year with 24 members playing in six foursomes.  And, we had two long term members back from the disabled list and playing, John Kirk and Ken Brooks.  It was great to see both of them back playing with us.  Dave Strand tells me that John Kirk is our oldest member of the TeeBirds with his odometer hitting close to 92 years.  Congrats John and it is good to seeing you play 9 holes with us today.  And many thanks for Gary Duffy serving as starter for the day and Al Pote for getting us set with drinks prior to play.  And to top off the day, it was another exceptional weather day with enjoyable temps, and easy breeze, and and blue skies sprinkled with lovely clouds.  

We had three different scoring events going on today.  The best individual score from the Bramble play (using the best drive off the tee box), the best team score (using the best two individual scores on each hole), the the best Hi-5 score (calculated by 5 points - putts for any player hitting their individual drive in the fairway or on the green).  So here are the results (see the GolfGenius report of all the scores on the TeeBirds website: https://isuteebirds.net/index.php/weekly-results/weekly-scoring-results )

Best Individual Scores

  • Men's best score:  a tie between John Walker and Mike Novario with 38s.  Lane Crothers and Rich Strle tied for 39s.
  • Women's best score:  Melinda Walker with a 46
  • All the scores ranged from 38 to 54.  Congrats to our best score winners.

Best Team Scores

  • Winner with a 73:  Team John Walker + Melinda Walker + Al Pote + Larry Lowe
  • 75: Wayne Lockwood + John "Cal" Lawrence + Rich Strle + Gary Klass
  • 76: Gary Duffy + Ken Brooks + Kenny Weaver + Mike Novario
  • 77: Dave Williams + David Strand + Lane Crothers + Ron Smith
  • 79: Paul Kahle + Paul Mersch + JoEllen Bahnsen + Bob Bahnsen
  • 86: Hank Campbell + Kim Pereira + Sandy Groves + John Kirk

Best Hi-5 Scores

  • 20: Gary Duffy had the best men's score of 20
  • 13: JoEllen Bahnsen had the best women's score of 13
  • 16:  Seven players had scores of 16 (Dave Williams, Cal Lawrence, John Walker, Larry Lowe, Mike Navario, Ron Smith, and Wayne Lockwood

Prize balls this week (one ball for each player below):  

  • John Walker, Mike Navorio, and Melinda Walker for best individual scores
  • Gary Duffy and JoEllen Bahnsen for best Hi-5 scores
  • Team Walker + Walker + Pote + Lowe for best team score.

Next week we are back at ISU's Weibring GC with Individual Play and a free Yard-of-Putts, followed by a lunch social.  Kenny Weaver will be the Starter.  The tee time because of the lunch will be a 9 am (possibly a shotgun start).  You will receive two emails to confirm play at 9 am and another to confirm lunch along with guests at 11:15 am. Watch the email invites for details as to menu and cost.

Filling in for Hank Campbell with the report today, your co-leader of the TeeBirds,

Dave Williams

Weekly TeeBirds Report Texas Scramble Prairie Vista Beverage Social 11 August 2022

It was a wonderful weather day at the Prairie Vista GC. Twenty-two TeeBirds carved out time to play this match, a Texas Scramble. Thanks go to the clubhouse staff for getting us signed in, keys for the carts, and ready to tee off by 8 am. Our six teams were ready to hit the fairways and seek the lowest 9-hole score. Wayne Lockwood was our STARTER. Thank you for stepping in and covering this for one of our members out due to medical issues, Wayne!

  • Dave Williams, Kenny Weaver, Randy Phillips and Al Pote had high hopes to score well. On the second hole, Al carried the team to a birdie 3. However, staying 1 under par through 6 holes wasn’t enough to overcome 3 over par for the last 3 holes. The Team carded a 37 for the round.
  • Sandy Groves, Gary Duffy, Bob Bahnsen and Gary Klass played their way to a 36 by scoring 2 birdies, one on the first hole with a 3 on the par 4, and the second one on the par 3 #5 hole. Hole # 3 and hole # 7 held them back with bogies on these 2 holes. Golf can be frustrating!
  • John Walker, Larry Lowe, Bob Bradley, and Cal Lawrence pulled together with pars on the first 5 holes. Patience paid off as they birdied hole # 5 scoring 2 on the par 3 hole. A bogie on the par 5 seventh hole along with pars on #8 and #9 sealed their final score at 36.
  • Steve Kern, Jim Kellogg, and Hank Campbell played consistently as a team with consecutive pars on the first 8 holes. Long or short putts were just tough to get into the cup. Hole #9 yielded a birdie as Hank drained the 18 foot putt giving the team a -1, 35, for the 9 holes.
  • Paul Kahle, Lane Couthers, Paul Mersch and JoEllen Bahnsen found a little magic during their round by showing a -2, 34, for their team efforts. The card showed 3 birdies and a lone bogie. That was a good score!
  • Wayne Lockwood, Rich Strle, and Kim Pereia pulled together for a bogie free round. They scored birdies on holes 2 and 3. Rich drove the green on # 2, then sank a 22-foot putt for the bird. Great play, Rich. The shot of the day happened for Kim on hole #8. His chip shot from 60 feet dropped in the cup for the birdie 2 on the par 3 hole. Outstanding Kim. What a thrill! This provided a final score of 33, the best team score of the day!

Our TeeBirds gathered in the clubhouse for a refreshment social. Chip and cold drinks were welcomed by all. Thanks to Sandy Groves for arranging this social. And the tab was paid with TeeBird funds! There were good stories to share about the round, putts barely missed, difficulty getting good drives off the tee, and the nice timely shots made. All agreed that it was a super weather day, a fine time for this social event, and a fun experience for all TeeBirds.

PRIZE BALLS: The Team with the 33! That was Kim Periera, Rich Srtle, and Wayne Lockwood.

Next week, TeeBirds return to our home course, ISU Weibring. Gary Duffy will be our STARTER for the Bramble format with the High-Five challenge. This is Thursday, August 18, with tee-time at 8 am. Forecast calls for excellent weather with moderate temperatures and not much wind. Stay healthy, happy, and hydrated. We’ll see you next week for a fun morning of golf with the TeeBirds!

--Hank Campbell

Weekly TeeBirds report Highland Texas Scramble 4 August 2022

Overnight rains came to an end several hours before the TeeBirds arrived at Highland GC for a Texas Scramble. The effects of the rain were evident during the round as traps still had water in them and some areas in the fairways were a bit soft and mushy for any cart. However, our TeeBirds prevailed with the heat, humidity, uneven terrain, and numerous trees on the course. Paul Mersch was our starter. One no-show person created the opportunity combine the golfers into three groups of four. Thanks, Paul, for making these adjustments, providing scorecards to each group, and having the first group off the tee by 8 am.

Given the soft conditions, narrow fairways, and smaller greens, all 3 groups had tough time scoring birdies. Only 4 were carded as were 4 bogies. Average score for the 3 groups was 36 and a tight range of 3, (37-34 = 3).

  1. John Walker, Melinda Walker, Rich Strle, and Paul Kahle scrambled for the score of 36 for the 9 holes. No special shots were noted.
  2. Chuck McGuire, Larry Lowe, Steve Kern and Wayne Lockwood had 2 bogies and a lone birdie giving them a score of 37. No special shots noted for the group.
  3. Hank Campbell, Al Pote, Kim Pereira, and Paul Mersch were the last off the tee. At the end of 9 holes, they scored 7 pars and two birdies for their 34. It took a team effort to hustle some of the pars and avoid the dreaded bogies!

PRIZE BALLS: The Team with the low Scramble score of 34! One ball each for Al P, Kim P, Paul M, and Hank C.

After the 9-hole Scramble, 7 of the 12 TeeBirds continued to play 18 holes for the day.

Next week, Prairie Vista GC is the destination for a Texas Scramble. We need someone please to volunteer as the starter as John Shea has not been able to play due to family illness. Look forward to a BEVERAGE SOCIAL in the clubhouse after 9 holes sponsored by the TeeBirds treasury. Thank you, Sandy Groves, for getting this arranged.

Thanks to all who came to play today! Continue to enjoy golf and our coming together as TeeBirds during the summer season. You are appreciated. Stay healthy and hydrated. For those dealing with medical or health issues, we wish you speedy recovery. We want to see you back with us enjoying golf and each other as a member of the TeeBirds!

--Hank Campbell

Weekly Teebirds Report Bramble at Weibring and lunch social, 28 July 2022

It was a fine day for golf and a lunch party at ISU Weibring this Thursday. Twenty TeeBirds teed it up to compete as 5 foursomes with the 9 am Shotgun start. Thanks to Tom and Max for accommodating us so we could join together for a luncheon at 11:15 in the Pavillion. Thank you to John Walker as our STARTER. Due to a lack of proper scorecards for Bingo-Bango-Bongo, John helped all the groups to switch to a Bramble (best drive then play individual ball to the hole) along with Best Ball Team play. All groups used the ISU scorecards along with entering scores on Golf Genius for the 9-hole play.

At the end of the social, Dave Williams provided a summary of Best Ball Play and the Low individual scores. Special thanks given to Sandy Groves for organizing this event, the setup and ordering the pizza, Melinda Walker for providing an exceptional spinach salad, JoEllen Bahnsen for the homemade cookies, and Al Pote providing a chest full of cold drinks for all. With guests, we served 23 for lunch.  Here are the play results:

  • The top 8 individual scores were Al Pote 35, Bob Bradley 38, Lane Couthers 38, Rich Strle 38, Dave Strand 38, Bob Bahnsen 39, Gary Duffy 39, and Paul Kahle 39.
  • Two Best Ball Teams had a 69. Dave Williams, Rich Strle, Dave Strand and Al Pote as a foursome had 8 birdies. Dave Strand had 3 birdies as did Al Pote. Notably, Rich Strle hit the green in 2 on #6 with 3 of the 4 golfers carding birdies. Also, Rich drove the par 3 # 4 within 9 ft. of the pin. Dave S, Dave W and Al P posted birdies while Rich S had to settle for a common par.
  • The second Team with a 69 Best Ball score was Paul Kahle, Gary Duffy, Larry Lowe and John Walker. While the Team produced only 3 birdies, it was John Walker who scored an EAGLE on the par 5 # 2 hole. It was thrilling for his 60-foot 7 iron shot to find the cup for the eagle 3!
  • Third place team with a score of 72 was Bob Bahnsen, Gerry Chrisman, Kenny Weaver, and Bob Bradley
  • Fourth place close behind with a score of 73 was Gary Klass, Kim Pereira, Lane Crothers, and Hank Campbell
  • Fifth place with an 83 was Sandy Groves, Ron Smith, Steve Kern, and Randy Phillips

PRIZE BALLS: Al Pote for the stellar score of 35. And the two teams that tied for 69. The Best Ball Team with a 69 AND 8 birdies on the scorecard were Al Pote, Dave Strand, Rich Strle and Dave Williams. And the Best Ball Team of Paul Kahle, Gary Duffy, Larry Lowe, and John Walker.  One prize ball to each of these members for their exceptional play.

A wonderful fun day of golf with the TeeBirds! Thanks to all.

Next week, our TeeBirds will be ready to tee it up at the Highland GC. Yes, they still have numerous trees, hills and water to give all a challenge. We will have a Texas Scramble for the 9 holes, so use each players drive at least once. Paul Mersch will be the STARTER. All days next week is forecast to be hot, particularly Wednesday and Thursday. We will provide drinks from our cooler filled by Al Pote and covered by the TeeBird treasury. Deal well with the expected heat and stay safe and hydrated.  

--Hank Campbell  

Weekly TeeBird Report Weibring Bramble, Best Ball Team:  21 July 2022

It was a pleasant start for the TeeBirds on the Weibring GC. However, as the golfers completed several holes, the temperatures rose into the 80’s and humidity in the high 70%. Al Pote had the cooler packed with iced drinks ready near the first tee. All were cautioned to stay hydrated throughout the round. Thank you, Al. Bob Bahnsen was the STARTER and hustled the teams to the first tee with their fresh Bramble scorecards. All 5 teams used Golf Genius to record scores and to keep track of the Best Team results. (He also passed out the PRIZE BALLS to the winners from last week). Many thanks, Bob.

The 5 Teams scored well with the overall average of 43 on the par 36 front nine. Range was 9 with the high score of 48 minus the low of 39. The middle score was 41. Our Team scores of 75, 77, 77, 80 and 83 yielded an average of 79.

  • Al Pote returned this week to show us his scar from knee surgery and to lead Sandy Groves and Larry Lowe with a Team score of 83 and individual scores of 41, 44 and 47. Al hit a couple of good drives today but anticipates better golfing days ahead as his knee continues to heal.
  • Melinda sank a 21 ft putt for par on # 6 which helped her score stay under 50. Hank and Wayne struggled with scores of 46 while Gary Klass finished with a 42. Hank reported difficulty making putts as he putted 21 times during the 9 holes. Their Team score was 80.
  • Dave Williams carded a 42 and Jim Kellogg a 42. Bob Bahnsen was one better with a 41 while Paul Kahle had a 40. Their Team score was a 77. No special shots were noted on their scorecard.
  • Kenny Weaver, Gerry Chrisman, Gary Duffy and Lane Crothers posted scores of 44, 41, 39 and 44 respectively. Their Team score also came in as a 77. While Gary Duffy had the low score of the day, he complained that he could not find any birdies during the 9 holes and had to settle for 6 pars and 3 bogeys to earn his 39.
  • Cal Lawrence reported a 44 score while John Walker, Kim Pereira, and Ron Smith had 40’s. That was an actual average of 41. The Best Ball Team score was the best at 75. Way to play steady golf! No special shots were noted on the scorecard.

PRIZE BALLS: Gary Duffy had the low score of 39. Sandy Groves had the low women’s score of 47. With the Best Ball Team score of 75 were Cal Lawrence, John Walker, Kim Pereira, and Ron Smith. 

Next week, the TeeBirds will be challenged again by playing at ISU Weibring GC. We will have a SHOTGUN start at 9 am. The game is BINGO, BANGO, BONGO (BBB) with INDIVIDUAL play. Our STARTER will be John Walker. Please review the unique games of play on our website at https://isuteebirds.net/index.php/games

The TeeBirds will have a lunch SOCIAL with Pizza, salad, cookies, and drinks in the Pavilion at 11:15. Guests are welcome. (All will enjoy the new chairs and tables in the Pavilion!) Cost is $10 and pay Hank. Sign up to play and be part of the social. See you there!

--Hank Campbell

Weekly TeeBirds Report Texas Scramble at The Den with Drink Social 14 July 2022

It was a very pleasant morning for golf. The course was in fine condition and the personnel in the clubhouse welcomed us for the 9-hole Texas Scramble with an 8 am start. After the 9 hole Team challenge all TeeBirds were anxious to come together in the air conditioned comfort of the clubhouse and enjoy a refreshing drink and snacks compliments of our TeeBird treasury. Thanks to Sandy Groves, our Social Committee Chair, for setting this up and bringing the chips. Some TeeBirds appreciated the TV set showing the first-round play of the British open. After the social refreshment time, at least 6 golfers sought to get the maximum benefit of playing the Den by finishing the back nine on this challenging course.

Paul Kahle stepped up and did a commendable job as STARTER for the Texas Scramble. Scorecards were presented to each Team with the reminder that at least one drive was to be used by each team member during the 9 holes. Thank you, Paul, for your first time as STARTER for the TeeBirds.

Results gleaned from the Golf Genius scores of the 5 Teams. The scores were 43, 39, 39, 38, and 33. The TeeBird Teams of the day average 38.4 with the most frequent score of 39 with the middle score of 39. The Range was 10 (43-33 = 10).

  • Sandy Groves, Melinda Walker, Lane Crothers (welcome to the TeeBirds, Lane.) and Kim Pereira were the first to smash their drives off the #1 tee at the 8 am start time. Certainly, they had high expectations for pars and maybe a birdie or two, but The Den had its way with them. Only 3 pars showed up on the scorecard along with 6 holes over par adding up to a 43. No special shots were noted. No doubt they were so glad to finish and have some fun time socializing in the clubhouse.
  • Two Teams followed with Scramble scores of 39. Dave Williams, Gary Klass, Randy Phillips, and Larry Lowe struggled to make pars (as noted on their scorecard). They did record 6 pars but had 3 bogey 5’s on 3 par 4 holes.
  • JoEllen Bahnsen, Bob Bahnsen, John Shea and Hank Campbell had their struggles, too. John, who came early to the course and hit balls on the driving range, had very short drives off the first 4 holes! JoEllen and Bob returned to the TeeBirds after being on a cruise only to return home with each having COVID. So glad they recovered . This was their first time golfing in a month so consistency was elusive. John finally hit a drive on # 5 that stopped about 240 yards from the tee. Hank sank a 21-foot putt on hole # 4 for the Team birdie 2. This was the only birdie as they had 4 bogeys that formed their score of 39.
  • Wayne Lockwood, John Walker and Steve Kern banged out a 38. It was pretty straight-forward with 7 pars and two bogeys scored on holes 6 and 8. No notable shots were written on their scorecard.

The star performers of the day were Paul Kahle, Paul Mersch, and Bill Jordan with a sizzling score of 33! They scored birdies on 4 of the 9 holes. They slipped back a bit with a lone bogey on hole # 6. Four pars filled out the card for the 9 holes.

PRIZE BALLS: The Paul-Paul plus Bill for the Team low score of 33! Congratulations.

Next week, we return to play at ISU Weibring with a Bramble and Best Ball Teams. Tee time is 8 am. Bob Bahnsen is the starter.  Be prepared as hot temperatures are forecast for the week. Stay healthy and hydrated. See you at Weibring.

--Hank Campbell

Weekly TeeBirds report Highland Individual play and Yard of Putts 7 July 2022
Gary Duffy was our highly organized STARTER with named scorecards for INDIVIDUAL play and tapes for the Yard-of-Putts for each of the four Teams. Thank you, Gary. Scoring for Best Ball was recorded on Golf Genius. The first group teed off earlier than the 8 am start with approval from the welcoming Highland clubhouse staff. The cloudy humid conditions along with the forecast of substantial rain around 11 am to 12 noon prompted all TeeBirds to finish the round in a timely way. At least 8+ golfers played 18 holes and managed to finish just before heavy rains blanketed the Bloomington area.
The Highland course was in excellent condition and proved to be a stern challenge for our TeeBirds. Statistically, all 14 golfers averaged 45 for 9 holes with a range of 21 (59-38) and a mid-score of 45. The Best Ball Team scores (two lowest scores per hole for 9 holes) were 83, 82, 78 and 75. It was a sure bet that each golfer had their unwelcomed encounters with the trees, side bounces off hills, obscure hits to the greens and barely missed putts. Such are the frustrations with this game called GOLF, or spelled backwards, FLOGging. 
Team 1 fought hard to grind out an average score of 49 for 9 holes. Dave Anderson 44, Kenny Weaver 47, Ron Smith 45 and Sandy Groves 59. Their Best Ball score was a +9 83. On the scorecard was written that Ron Smith had the best bogey ever on hole # 2. A nice 200-yard drive from the tee. A second shot 75 yards over the green past the # 6 green. Hit 65 yards into the greenside bunker. Chipped onto the green within 35 feet of the pin. And then sank the putt without the aid of the tape to get his bogey 5!
Team 2 stayed out of any tree problems on the first hole but had 2 bogeys and 2 double bogeys. Final scores for Hank Campbell 44, Paul Kahle 42, Larry Lowe 44, and Cal Lawrence 50. While the Team average was 44, the Best Ball score was a + 1, 75. Larry L made a fine 30’ putt on hole # 8 unassisted by the tape giving him a par 4 on that hole.
Dave Williams, Steve Kern and Gary Klass formed Team 3 and suffered through uneven play with scores of 48, 41 and 47 respectively. The highlight of their round was Steve scoring 2 birdies on holes 3 and 5. Gary K had one birdie on # 5. Dave gallantly posted only one par for the 9 holes. The Best Ball Score was +8 for an 82.
Team 4 golfers were Gary Duffy with a 38 and the low score of the day, John Walker 45 and Wayne Lockwood close behind with a 46. They averaged 43 for the Team, but their Best Ball score was +4 78. No notable shots were submitted on the scorecard.
The top 3 scores of the Highland Individual outing were Gary D 38, Steve K 41 and Hank C 41.
PRIZE BALLS: Gary Duffy with his 38. The Best Ball Score of +1 75 was Team 2 of Cal Lawrence, Paul Kahle, Larry Lowe and Hank Campbell.
Next week we play at The Den in Southwest Bloomington. The Format is a SCRAMBLE and Paul Kahle will be our capable STARTER. After 9 holes there is a BEVERAGE SOCIAL in the clubhouse sponsored by your TEEBIRDS.
Stay safe, stay healthy and look forward to another fun golf outing with the TeeBirds!
--Hank Campbell 
Weekly TeeBirds report Bramble at Weibring w/Avanti’s Social 30 June 2022
It was a spectacular morning for our golf match at ISU Weibring for our five foursomes. Tom and Max had us set for the 9 am Shotgun start. John Walker was our STARTER and directed our TeeBirds to holes 8, 9 and # 1, noting our BRAMBLE play for this week. Thank you, John. Best ball Team scores (2 lowest scores on each hole) were calculated on Golf Genius for the 9 holes.
The overall results of our TeeBirds Bramble outing showed that the Weibring golf course is quite the challenge. The average score for the 9 holes was 44 with a range of 12 (high 50 – 38 low) while the middle score was 42. Five TeeBirds carded the most frequent score of 42. Best ball Team scores were 84, 82, 80, 78 and an impressive (lucky?) 69. Hopefully, the fun of coming together for this week’s round and lunch social was shared by all!
Off the first tee were Captain Sandy Groves, Kim Pereira, Gerry Chrisman and Bill Jordan. They finished with scores of 50, 42, 41, and 40 respectively. Best Ball Team score was 84. No special shots or happenings were noted on the scorecard.
Following them off #1 tee were Wayne Lockwood, Melinda Walker, Dave Anderson and Gary Duffy. Wayne carded a 46, Melinda 49 (way to go Melinda!), Dave A 50 and Gary D 40.
Captain John Walker and Team banged their drives off # 8 to start the round. After the nine holes Paul Mersch carded a 44, Dave Williams 44, Larry Lowe 42, and John W 42. Best Ball Team score was 80. After warming up for 3 holes, Paul Mersch smashed a 240-yard drive down the fairway on hole # 2.
The first Team off #9 tee were Hank Campbell (42), Ron Smith (45), Rich Strle(42), and Cal Lawrence (43). Best Ball Team score was 78. On a note of frustration, the best Team drive on the par 3 #7 stayed on the green 4-feet from the hole. Rich S was the only one to read the subtle break to get his birdie. Others had to settle for a par 3.
The second Team off #9 was Captained by Chuck McGuire. All members scored steadily with Paul Kale 38, Kenny Weaver 40, Randy Phillips 43 and Chuck M 40. Their Best Ball Team score was the lowest of the day, a 69! On #2, Kenny landed the second shot 5 feet from the pin. Randy P felt the excitement of an EAGLE 3 while his teammates birdied this par 5 hole! As a Team, they had 5 birdies and one eagle for the 9 holes! 
All Teams finished the 9 holes around 11:15 and gathered at the clubhouse pavilion for our lunch social. Sandy Groves arranged Avanti’s ½ gondolas, chips and cookies for timely delivery. Al Pote provided a well-stocked ice cooler with a variety of drinks. It was a fun relaxing time for all 22 TeeBirds. We provided 3 additional sandwiches for Max and other clubhouse staff. Thank you, Sandy and Al for your Social Committee work. Al reported that he is recovering nicely from knee replacement surgery and hopes to return to golfing with the TeeBirds,possibly by the end of July.
PRIZE BALLS: Paul Kahle for the low score of 38. Teammates Chuck M, Kenny W, and Randy P for their 69 Best Ball score. The low women score ball award goes to Melinda Walker! We celebrate your continued improvement!
Next week, July 7th, we return to the trees and hills at Highland golf course for the 8 am tee time. The format will be INDIVIDUAL play with aid of YARD OF PUTTS. Gary Duffy will be the STARTER and our Banter-in-Chief at Highland. Weather forecast for the week is continued hot weather. Be wise and smart by pacing yourself and staying hydrated.
Enjoy the Fourth of July holiday perhaps with friends, family or with community events. Thanks to all for continuing to be TeeBird golfers. See you at Highland.
Submitted by Hank Campbell
Weekly TeeBird Report Texas Scramble at Ironwood 6.23.22
The only place hotter than on the course at Ironwood was the close competition on the scorecards of the 4 groups that played this past Thursday. Maybe Dave Anderson, as the STARTER, got each Team all pumped up at the first tee. The results of all four groups was terrific since all scored UNDER PAR! 
Gerry Chrisman, Paul Kale, Steve Kern and Melinda Walker has birdies on holes #3 and #7. They dropped a stroke to par with a bogie on the par 3 #4, thus finishing the 9 holes with a 35. No special shots were noted on the scorecard.
Chuck McGuire, Cal Lawrence, Bob Bradley and Sandy Groves had birdies on holes #3 and #4 but a bogie 5 on hole #5. The 35 score was still very good. Cal L found his groove with made putts of 40’ for the birdie on #3 followed by dropping a 35’ putt for the birdie on hole #4. On hole #5, they lost a stroke to parr with a bogie 5. Chuck M nailed a 225 yd drive on hole #7 that helped the team get the par 5.
Larry Lowe, Kim Pereira (welcome to the TeeBirds, Kim), David Strand and Dave Anderson also pounded out a team score of 35. A bogie 5 hit their scorecard on the par 4 hole #5. Not discouraged, they birdied the next two holes, #6 and #7. The last 2 holes were pars. The scorecard reported that Larry Lowe went solo up and down from 40 yards out. Who knows what hole since that detail was not recorded on the card. Captain Dave A, what was the real story?
John Walker, Gary Duffy, Randy Phillips and a new player for the TeeBirds, Bill Jordan. Welcome Bill! Their start off #1 tee was impressive as they birdied the hole with a 3 on this par 4 hole. They were not able to cash in on any birdie opportunities until #5, scoring a 3 on this par 4 hole. Then pars on the next 4 holes. This 34 was the best score of the day! No notable shots were submitted.
PRIZE BALLS: John W, Gary D, Randy P and Bill Jordan for their 34! And a ball to Cal Lawrence for his persistence to improve by making two long putts consecutively in holes 3 & 4. 
Next week, we are at ISU Weibring with a 9 AM SHOTGUN START for a BRAMBLE w/ High 5. John Walker is the STARTER. Avanti’s Gondolas served for the lunch SOCIAL with drinks, chips, and beverage in the Pavilion at 11:15 am. $10 each; please give money to Hank.  
See you there!
--Hank Campbell
Weekly report TeeBirds at Highland Bramble play June 16 2022

It was forecast to be a hot day in the 90’s but the bright sunny morning with a nice flowing breeze welcomed us to the Highland Golf Course. Ten TeeBird golfers were ready to Bramble and were able to tee off earlier that the 8 am tee time. We were to have a ‘Yard of Putts” but technical difficulties our Starter Steve Kern had none to pass out. Steve, thanks for being the Starter! Our golfers noted that Highland had many tree opportunities to provide shade from the sun. After the 9 holes, a few TeeBirds said they had too much time looking for their ball among the shade of the trees! Highland GC was in excellent condition tee to greens.
Of note, we had Dave Strand joining us for the first time this season. Welcome back, Dave. Welcome to ‘Guest’ golfer Mike Novario, retired pharmacist from Bloomington, who joined us today. He may be a future a member.
Paul Kale, Gary Klass and Dave Strand got off to a fine start on the first tee with a nice shot in the fairway by Gary. They ended their Bramble match with Paul  39, Gary  41, and Dave  46. No outstanding shots appeared on the scorecard.
Team 2 scored with Wayne Lockwood  47, Larry Lowe  46, Gary Duffy  36, and Mike Novario  40. Gary found his putter was working pretty well as he sank a 37’ putt on hole # 3 for a birdie 2. He then followed with a birdie 3 on the par 4 # 4 hole. He didn’t want to talk much about his 6’s on the next two holes! But Gary still managed a score of 36 for the 9 holes!
Team 3 of John Shea, Steve Kern and Hank Campbell took plenty of strokes to complete the 9 holes. John scored 48, Steve a 44, and Hank had a 45. Excitement and disappointment happened on the par 3 # 3 hole. Steve hit his drive within 15” of the cup! All 3 putted their ball in the cup for the birdie. However, had the ‘Yard of Putts’ been part of this Bramble format, all three would have had a ‘hole in one’ on the scorecard! Tough luck, guys!
PRIZE BALLS: Gary Duffy with the low score of 36. Steve Kern for ‘nearly’ earning a hole-in-one for his Team.

Next week, TeeBirds play a SCRAMBLE at Ironwood. Dave Anderson will be the STARTER. The forecast is for another hot day. Stay healthy, cool, and hydrated.
Submitted by Hank Campbell 
Weekly TeeBird Report Weibring Scramble 9 June 2022
What lovely weather for playing golf.  We had 18 players join us for a Scramble today with two new members.  Chuck McGuire introduced us to his guest, Kim Periera, and Gary Duffy to his guest, Rich Strle.  Both Kim and Rich signed on as new members.  Please welcome them when you have a chance with future play dates.
Ron Smith was our starter today--many thanks for serving that role today.  We love Ron's whistle to help us stay on schedule!  After the round we enjoyed drinks and assorted chips under the ISU Weibring Pavillion.  Many thanks to Al and Sandy for helping to arrange the social and the goodies.
So how did play go today!  Well evidence shows that we were very evenly matched with team scores of 33, 34, 34, 34, and 39.
First place team:  Lockwood, Smith, and Chrisman with a 33. Notables included Gerry Chrisman with a 35' birdie putt on #1; Ron Smith, a 40' putt on #5 for birdie; Gerry for another 35' putt for birdie on #8.
Tied for 2nd place all with scores of 34 were three teams:
Williams, McGuire, and Periera. Notables included Chuck McGuire sinking 3 birdie putts and Dave Williams 1 birdie putt.  The team had 4 birdie holes but, alas, to boogie holes.
Groves, Kern, Duffy, and Strle
Kahle, Kellogg, Bahnsen, and Moore. Notables included Bob Bahnsen with 2nd shot on the green for hole #2; Paul Kahle 30' putt to save the team's parr on #8.
Final place with a 39:  Anderson, Klass, Lowe, and Lawrence.
Prize balls to to Wayne Lockwood, Ron Smith, and Gerry Chrisman with two prize balls to our new members, Rich Strle and Kim Periera.
Are next play is scheduled for Highland on the 16th with a Bramble and a yard-of-putts.  Steven Kern is the Starter.
Have a good weekend and we will see you next week.
Filling in for Hank Campbell,

Dave Williams
Weekly TeeBird Report Weibring Individual Play w/Yd of Putts 2 June 2022

There could not have been a finer morning to play golf at the ISU course. A beautiful morning with light wind, sunshine and 60 to 70 degree temperatures. Due to a shift in the schedule, we needed to tee off at 7:15 am. All six of our Teams were off the tee by 7:50, a task well done by our STARTER Bob Stefl. Thank you Bob for passing out the scorecards for Individual Play and paper tape for each golfer for the Yard of Putts used to for go an extra stroke score if they chose use a length of tape near the hole.

The report will give the names and scores by Teams 1 through 6 then call out our best 10 TeeBirds for the 9 holes.  All of us found searching for balls in the rough a real challenge. Who knows the number of balls lost!
Team 1: Al Pote  37, Steve Kern  47, Ron Smith  45, and Gary Klass  47. The scorecard noted a birdie 2 on hole # 7 for Al while Steve had the birdie 2 on hole # 4. It was noted that both were ‘tape aided’ birdies.
Team 2: David Anderson  38, Paul Kale  43, John Shea  51, and Paul Mersch  41. Dave A did sink a 45’ putt on hole # 1 for the birdie without the tape. The rough just off the fairway was deep, thick and tough resulting in 3 lost balls for the group which resulted in a ‘lost ball’ penalty.
Team 3: Bob Bahnsen  47, Gerry Chrisman  50 (Welcome back Gerry!), Gary Duffy  39, and Kenny Weaver  42. On # 3, Gerry chipped within 3” of the hole from 15’ off the green giving him the birdie with the tape assist.
Team 4: Sandy Groves  56, Dave Williams  49, John Walker  46, and Melinda Walker  68. Three cheers for Melinda for her determination to find her swing! It is good to have her playing. All of Team got into the fairway 3 times during the nine-hole play!
Team 5: Hank Campbell  46, Larry Lowe  43, and Dick Moore chose to play but not record the score since this was his second round of golf this season. And he needed to take it easy for his recovery. Dick did have a fun time out on the course swinging away and putting with two good partners! (his words)
Team 6: Wayne Lockwood  44, Chuck McGuire  43, Cal Lawrence  59, and Bob Stefl  38. No great shots were noted on the scorecard.
In summary, it was a tough day to score well. It was particularly tough to hit out of the rough just off the fairways. And even tougher to find the ball in the deep grass. The two lowest scores were 37 and 38 while the two highest were 59 and 68 with a total range of scores was 31. The middle score was 46 while the average score was 44 for our 22 active players
Our best five players of the day were: Al Pote  37, Bob Stefl  38, David Anderson and Gary Duffy  39, and Paul Mersch  41.  Best women's score was Sandy Groves with a 56.

PRIZE BALLS:  Al Pote and Bob Stefl for the 37’s our lowest scores of the day and Sandy Groves for best women's score.
We are all hoping for a successful knee surgery next week for Al Pote. 
Of special note is for Melinda Walker and Cal Lawrence for their persistence and determination on this Individual play-day. Stay with us! Hope you enjoyed this beautiful day on the Weibring course. Continue to be a TEEBIRD!

Next week, June 9th, we return to the Weibring GC to play a SCRAMBLE match. Ron Smith is the starter. And it will be at our regular tee-time of 8 am! Remember that we will have a refreshment (drink) social at the end of the 9 holes sponsored by your TeeBirds! See you there.
Hank Campbell  
Weekly TeeBirds Report: Bramble at Prairie Vista + High Five 26 May 2022
The TeeBirds were treated to a fine view of the southern sky at Prairie Vista GC. However, it looked inevitable that rain might interrupt a highly competitive Bramble match for the 13 players. The rain never came. Additionally, each individual golfer was challenged to get the most points with the High 5. It was 5 points for a drive in the Fairway then subtracting one point for each putt until their ball was in the cup. For the Bramble, each member hit their drive and the Team selected the best ball position for each hole. From that position each golfer played their own ball all the way to the bottom of the cup. Two drives were used for the par 5 holes. Thanks, Chuck for being our STARTER.

The top 5 golfers with gross scores were:
Al Pote 38, Dave Anderson 39, Gary Klass 40, Paul Kale 41 and John Shea 41. All scores ranged from 38 to 52.
Team scores used the two lowest scores on each hole by scorecard, add them up, then divide by 2, to get the final Team score.
The Team of Williams (50), Lockwood (47) and Lawrence (52) had a Team score of 47. On hole # 8, Dave W made a 20 yd. chip for a birdie. 
McGuire (43), Campbell (46), Lowe (50) and Weaver (45) had a Team score of 41. Chuck birdied the par 3 #5. His drive was 4’ from the pin then made the putt. 
Anderson (39), Shea (41) and Phillips (47) finished with a Team score of 40.
The best Team today was Pote (38), Klass (40) and Kale (41) for a 39.
The additional game of the day was HIGH FIVE. Review of the results showed that no player scored ZERO. However, the lowest score was 5.  The top 5 scores were: Chuck McGuire 21, Larry Lowe 20, Cal Lawrence 20, John Shea 20, and Dave Anderson 17. 
PRIZE BALLS: The Team scoring a 39! Al Pote, Gary Klass and Paul Kale. Dave Anderson for this individual score of 39. And, Chuck McGuire with 21 for the HIGH FIVE champion!
See you next week at Weibring with a start time of 7:15. We have Individual play with a Yard of Free Putts.
Enjoy the Memorial Day weekend. Reflect and be thankful for families, friends, our country and the freedoms we have. Best wishes to all.
Hank Campbell

TeeBirds Weekly Report, Ironwood, 19 May 2022

Twenty-one Teebird golfers gathered for the 8 am start at Ironwood GC. It was an elegant morning to play our 9-hole Texas Scramble. Thanks to Gary Klass for being our Starter. Please note that Wayne Lockwood reports that we have two remaining dates that need a Starter. Let’s get them covered.
Of the six groups, the reported scores were 36, 36, 36, 33, 33, and a 31.
John Walker, JoEllen Bahnsen, Ron Smith and Dick Moore showed a 36 with a birdie 2 on hole # 4 but finished with a one-over 5 on the final hole. No special shots reported on the scorecard.
Wayne Lockwood, Paul Kale, Larry Lowe and Sandy Groves had the same 36 score with a recorded birdie on # 4 and boggie 5 on # 9. No special events written on the scorecard.
Al Pote, Hank Campbell and new member Randy carded a 36. While noble attempts were made for birdies, none came about. All holes showed just pars.
Chuck McGuire, Bob Bahnsen, John ‘Cal’ Lawrence (new member) and Jim Kellogg (an old member) showed a fine scorecard of 33 with 3 separate birdies on holes # 1, # 4 and # 7. It was Cal Lawrence that scored the solo birdie on # 4 by driving the par 3 hole and sinking the putt. Nicely done, Cal.
Kenny Weaver, John Shea and Gary Klass also had a 33 team score. No scorecard was recovered after the round so they probably had some spectacular shots but could not be shared with all TeeBirds. Or maybe not!
The low Team for the day was Dave Williams, Steve Kern and Gary Duffy with a special 31 score with lots of birdies. They scored birdies on the first three holes! Two more birdies happened on the par 4 #6 followed by a birdie 4 on the par 5 # 7 hole. They had pars on the two par 3 holes, # 4 and # 8.
PRIZE BALLS: Dave W, Steve K and Gary D for the nicely played Scramble.
Next week our TeeBirds play Prairie Vista and BRAMBLE format with a High-five. Chuck McGuire will be our STARTER at 8 am. Thanks for playing!
Hank Campbell
Weekly Report ISU TeeBirds, May 12, 2022

Welcome to a new golf season for the ISU TeeBirds! We got off to a great 7:30 am start in the Weibring Golf Course shelter with a Breakfast Social with muffins and drinks provided by Al Pote and Sandy Groves. Thanks Sandy and Al.

Dave Williams led the orientation session by first noting the TeeBirds planning committee for their cooperative work. Hank Campbell set up our seasonal play schedule and game format. He also serves as our Treasurer. Chuck McGuire helped with Membership while Sandy Groves and Al Pote filled in our Social lunches and Beverage events. Note the time changes to a 9 am start on days of lunches. Dave W ordered the prize balls, however, JoEllen and Bob Bahnsen will handle the distribution of prize balls. Wayne Lockwood established our Starters list and weekly play formats. 
Dave W introduced two new members to our TeeBirds group: Paul Mersch and Randy Phillips. Thank you for joining us! Hank reports that we have 27 paid members as of our first outing. Each TeeBird in attendance and dues paid received a new complimentary ‘Illinois State’ golf ball.  After our orientation session, we had a drawing for two $10 gift certificates at the ISU pro shop. The winners were Gary Duffy and Larry Lowe (or was it John Shea?)! 
Max Harmon, assistant Pro at Weibring GC, provided a welcome to the season and described some of the course changes. The new plaza area with a clock tower at the first tee area and a new Weibring Golf Course sign at the southeast corner of the course are fine additions. Back ordered and awaiting arrival for installation is a new counter area in the clubhouse. On the course, over 50 trees were cut down and removed. Sand traps are in the process of renewal with additional new white sand. We thanked Max and Tom Szymoniak, PGA Head Golf Professional, for working with us at our home course.
And it was off to the First Tee by 8:15 for our 9-Hole Scramble play. Wayne Lockwood was our Starter for our 5 groups of TeeBird players. Thanks, Wayne.
The submitted scorecards for the 9-Hole Scramble were 33, 33, 35, 35 and 36.
The Team of Al Pote, John Shea, Ron Smith, and Bob Bahnsen (33) were awarded first place by virtue of a score card playoff. They had three birdies and no bogies. Bob B pumped up the Team by sinking a 25’ putt on #4 for a birdie 2.
Second place (33) were Paul Mersch (new member), Bob Bradley, Steve Kern, and Wayne Lockwood. They had a fun day scoring 4 birdies but lost a shot with a bogie on the 9th hole. Our first place Team birdied the 9th hole. Paul M gained ‘rookie’ attention with a chip-in from 30 yards out for a birdie 2 on the always tough par 3 #7. Way to go Paul!
A scorecard playoff for 3rd place went to Team Dave Williams, Gary Duffy, Hank Campbell, and Chuck McGuire. Their 35 score was assisted by their birdie 3 on the 8th hole. Chuck M found his driving groove by stroking two long drives in the middle of fairways #8 and #9 of 215 and 220 yards. Don’t ask about some earlier holes!
John Walker, Gary Klass, Dave Ezell, and Kenny Weaver ‘scrambled’ for a 35. They had one birdie on #6, the par 5 hole with pars on the other 8 holes. No exceptional shots were noted on the scorecard.
Submitting a 36-par score for the 9 holes was the Team of Jim Kellogg, JoEllen Bahnsen, Larry Lowe, and David Anderson. Noted was a bogie on hole #3 with a recovery birdie 2 on hole #7. David A helped the Team by hitting his drive to within 4’ of the pin on #7. The putt was made to nail that birdie!
PRIZE BALLS: The first place Team of Al Pote, John Shea, Ron Smith, and Bob Bahnsen.
Next week we gather at IRONWOOD GC with an 8:00 Tee Time. Brian and Madison will welcome us in the Ironwood GC clubhouse. The format is a SCRAMBLE. Gary Klass will be our STARTER. Treat him well in spite of his humor! Be safe and be well.
--Hank Campbell 

Past weekly TeeBirds play results for 2021. 
TeeBirds weekly report Weibring GC for September 23rd, 2021: End of Season Play and Luncheon

What an incredibly beautiful day--feeling like Fall--for the TeeBirds final play for the 2021 golfing season.  The day started with six foursomes of 24 members doing a shotgun start for a Bramble competition with hole by hole challenges set up by Hank Campbell with the assistance of Tom our golf pro on every hole. 
Golf Play.  Our top scorers where Jim Kellogg at an even par 36, Paul Kahle at +1 37, Ron Smith at +2 39, and five players with 39s (Al, Pote Bob Bradley, Gary Duffy, and Gary Klass).  Our top woman score was Sandy Groves with 42.
The top team score went to the foursome of Sandy Grove, Al Pote, Jim Kellogg, and Larry Lowe with a 72;  2nd place with the team of John Walker, Matt Norma, John Shea, and Gary Klass with a 73.
For all the scores be sure to check isuteebirds.net/weekly-results/leaderboard.html .
End-of-Season Golf Luncheon and Social.  We had some 28 members and guest contine after play with lunch catered by Moe's.  Guests included Susan Kern, Cathie Lockwood,  Matt Norman (The Walker's son-in-law) and Melinda Walker's father, and Dawn Pote.  Many thanks to Sandy Grove for setting up all the arrangements for this social event and all the others this year; thanks as well for the able assistance of Al Pote who volunteered to help Sandy with social events now and next year.
Hank Campbell created an impressive buffet of prizes both donated prizes and purchased gift certificates and golf goodies from the TeeBirds treasury.  Prizes were first given out for play scores followed by special on the course accomplishment followed by hole-by-hole competitions.  Then we had a drawing for many more prizes.  The majority of members and guests won something to top off the day.
Thank you's for the season.  Dave Williams thanked all the members for a great season with showing up on time, giving us heads up on play changes, serving as starters, using Golf Genius, and keeping a generous and collegial atmosphere throughout the season.  As he expressed, "you all are just a wonderful group of folks to socialize with and play golf with, thank you!"  Special thanks go out to Wayne for organizing the starters and scorecards to Chuck for membership efforts and writing reports for our local SUAA newsletter; Sandy for organizing our social events; Bob Stefl for overseeing the prize balls and serving as our photographer; Hank for setting up the season play dates, serving as treasurer, providing weekly play drinks, being a wonderful co-leader with Dave for the TeeBirds, and much more; and Dave for managing Golf Genius, the ISUTeebirds.net website, coordinating electronic communications, setting up the weekly play invites and team assignments, and like Hank, a few other things.
Post-season Play.  Four weeks of post-season play has been arranged with three tee times--12 players--each date. Golf Genius will send email each Friday morning for open play.  This means you find your slot and sign yourself up.  If you change your mind, please go back in and remove yourself to open slot for someone else. If all the times fill up, text Dave Williams and he will try to add another tee time if possible.  If you need help using Golf Genius to sign up for open times see:
The four dates are:
September 30th: El Paso GC 8:24 first tee time.  $31 for walking 18; $45 for cart and 18.
October 7th: Ironwood GC 9:00 am first tee time
October 14th and 21st: Weibring GC 9:00 am first tee time
Thanks again for a successful and enjoyable golf season 2021!
Dave Williams and Hank Campbell
PS.  We wrote this up quickly to get it posted.  Apologies in advance for any typos!
TeeBirds weekly report Scramble at Prairie Vista for September 16th, 2021

What are the chances of playing Prairie Vista on nearly a calm morning? That happened during Thursday’s morning play for our TeeBirds with temperatures in the 70’s at tee time. Wayne Lockwood stepped in to be our starter for our 4 groups with scorecards for the Scramble format. Hank Campbell provided cold water and soda for the outing. Thanks Wayne and Hank. All were advised that greens and fairways had been aerated on the front 9 during the early part of the week. Given the lack of rain over the past 2 weeks, the greens remained a bit bumpy but the challenge to adjust was the same for all golfers. One group, particularly, excelled with that adjustment!
Sandy Groves, Gary Klass, Larry Lowe and Kenny Weaver cruised the course with a 38, 2 over par, with the scorecard showing 2 bogies and 7 pars. No notable shots were reported.
A Team score 37 was reported  (one over par) with one birdie and 2 bogies by Wayne Lockwood, Hank Campbell, Dave Strand and Dave Williams. Hank sank a 21’ putt on the par 3 #8 for the birdie. Draining a 16’ putt on the tough par 5 # 7 was Dave Williams. This gave the Team a thrill for getting the par.
Chuck McGuire, Al Pote and Ken Brooks turned in an even par performance of 36 for the 9 holes. They bogied the par 4 # 6 hole while ending strong with a birdie 3 on # 9.
John Walker, Paul Kale, Gary Duffy and Bob Bahnsen showed their collective skills by scoring 31 for the best of the day! They had 6 birdies, 2 pars and one bogie (hole # 6). Bob B sank a 27’putt for the birdie on # 8 while Paul K made the 20’ putt for birdie on # 9. They all had a fun round.

Prize Balls: John W, Paul K, Gary D and Bob B earned the prizes with their outstanding team play. Congrats to all!

Next week is our last seasonal play day at ISU Weibring. We will have a shotgun start at 9 am, hole challenges for prizes and a luncheon for TeeBirds and guests. Please sign up for the round, luncheon and any guests. The lunch fee is $10--please bring exact amount in an envelope with your name on it.
Thanks to Sandy and Al for the planning of the luncheon. See you there!
Hank Campbell 
TeeBirds Weekly Report: The Links individual play September 9th, 2021

Eighteen TeeBirds showed up on this wonderful morning looking for the opportunity to ACE any one of the 7 par 3 holes at The Links on Ireland Grove. The format was INDIVIDUAL scoring plus Team Play for this outing. Sandy Groves was our STARTER while Wayne Lockwood stepped in and provided the cold drinks for our TeeBirds. Thank you, Sandy and Wayne.
The course, played from the WHITE tees, proved to be a worthy challenge for all golfers as only 3 TeeBirds scored birdies today. Dave Ezell birdied #2. John Walker did the same on #2 while Al Pote scored a birdie 3 on the par 4 # 6 hole.
Par for the Links course is 29. Our lone player to shoot par was Gary Duffy. Way to go Gary! The Individual scores were:
Gary Duffy 29     Dave Ezell 31     Al Pote 32     Bob Bahnsen 34
Dave Anderson 34     Chuck McGuire 35   Ken Brooks 35   Bob Bradley 35
John Walker 36    Kenny Weaver 36     Wayne Lockwood 37     Dave Williams 38     
Hank Campbell 38     Gary Klass 38     Steve Kern 39     Sandy Groves 39     
Larry Lowe 40      John Kirk 41 

Team scoring for the 5 groups was quite interesting.
The top TEAM was Dave E, Al Pote, John W and John K with a 61.
Second place with a 63 was Team Steve K, Ken B, Dave A and Gary K.
Third place was TEAM Wayne L, Dave W and Gary D scoring 64.
Fourth position was held by TEAM Larry L, Chuck M, Hank C and Bob B at 66.
Fifth place was secured by one stroke, a 69 by TEAM Sandy G, Kenny W and Bob S.
PRIZE BALLS: The First place Team: Dave E, Al P, John W and John K. For the three lowest INDIVIDUAL SCORES, Gary Duffy, Dave Ezell, and Al Pote.
Way to go, TeeBirds!
Next week, September 16, we will play a SCRAMBLE at Prairie Vista at 8 am. Wayne Lockwood is our STARTER.
Stay healthy and avoid the virus by wearing a mask. Best wishes for a fine weekend.            
-Hank Campbell
TeeBirds Weekly Report Weibring GC with Modified Bramble + Yard-of-Putts, September 2nd, 2021
It was an absolutely beautiful day for golf at ISU's Weibring GC today with delightful temperatures in the 70s.  Eighteen TeeBirds members showed up for golf today and played a Modified Bramble format where everyone had to play their own ball on the Par 3 holes and shared best drives on Par 4s and 5s.  Everyone was also given a yard of free putts to add a little bonus to their scoring.
Gary Duffy has a supremely organized starter there early to ensure that everyone was checked in and well informed on the day's play.  Wayne Lockwood filled in for Hank on vacation with a cooler of cold water and drinks for eveyone.  Almost everyone was there ready to play at 8 am sharp and the five groups got off a bit early.
Now for the results of today's play!  The scores ranged from a 32 to a 47 for 9 holes:
Five players scored below par.  Paul Kahle and Brett Arseneault scored 32s, Al Pote and Kenny Weaver 34s, and Jim Kellogg 35.
Women's good scores included Sandy Groves for a 41 and Melissa Walker for a 47 (Golf Genius incorrectly shows her score in error).
Two players scored par at 36, Wayne Lockwood and Steve Kern
Special events reported were:
Ken Brooks had a birdie on #2 without tape; Paul Kahle and Brett Arseneault both had eagles on #6; Al Pote and Sandy Groves had eagles with tape on #8 and Dave Williams a birdie without tape on #8; Dave Williams 2nd shot 1.5 ft from hole for a birdie without tape #9;
Long drives included John Shea 237 yard drive on #5; Chuck McGuire 242 yards on #6; Al Pote drove the green within 25 ft on #8
Prize balls to the the five players below par (Paul, Brett, Al, Kenny, and Jim) and the two women players with 41 and 47 (Sandy and Melissa).
Play next week is another Modified Bramble at The Links GC with Sandy Groves as the Starter.  The Links will not open until 7:45 to provide carts and take green fees so don't get there too early.  
Everyone have a travel and healthy safe Labor Day weekend.  See you next week at The Links GC.
Dave Williams filling in for Hank
TeeBirds Weekly Report The Den Scramble on a hot day August 25th, 2021

For such a hot day in August, The Den at Fox Creek was in terrific shape. The day started with clouds blocking the sun for an early 7:40 start. By 8:15 clear skies prevailed with full sun and temperature in the low 80’s with expectations of reaching 90 with heat index in the 100's. Given the conditions only 12 TeeBirds formed 3 Teams with the Texas Scramble format. Wayne Lockwood was our STARTER. Thanks for filling in Wayne. Hank showed up with a cooler full of water and soda encouraging all players to stay hydrated. We had Paul Kahle to join us as a guest player with hopes that he will continue to join us through the remainder of the season. Welcome Paul to the ISU TeeBirds!
At the end of the 9 hole round 2 Teams were tied at 1 under par 35. 
The Team of Al Pote, John Walker, Dave Strand and Wayne Lockwood showed one birdie and the remaining 8 holes were pars for their 35. No notable shots were recorded on the scorecard.
The Team of Chuck McGuire, John Kirk, Steve Kern and Paul Kahle had to pull their game together as they were +2 after 6 holes. However, they finished holes 7, 8 and 9 with birdies! Thus a 35!
The Team of John Shea, Sandy Groves, Gary Klass and Hank Campbell couldn’t find a way to fight off the bogeys with birdies, so they recorded a 38 on Golf Genius. They did score a birdie on the always tough # 4 par 3 hole by the water. Hank hit his tee shot to the back left edge of the green 22’ from the hole. He stepped up over the ball, tapped it firmly and all watched it drop in the cup! That was the only highlight the Team could muster for the round. But they had fun!
Based on a scorecard playoff with hole # 9, the winning Team was Chuck, John K, Steve, and Paul Kahle. Prize balls to each one on the Team. 
Next week, September 2nd, we are scheduled for a return to ISU Weibring for a Bramble play (except on Par 3s) with a yard-of-putts assist. A new twist on our formats.  Our STARTER will be Gary Duffy.
Unfortunately, the COVID Delta variant is present in McLean County. Please wear your mask while entering the clubhouse. Let’s all remain healthy and continue to have fun at the golf course. Thanks for playing, TeeBirds!
Hank Campbell
TeeBirds Weekly Report Weibring Bramble with Yard of Putts with Lunch social: August 19th, 2021
Given this warm humid morning, the TeeBirds were ready to BRAMBLE with a shotgun start at 9 am sharp! Al Pote was our STARTER passing out scorecards, the tape for a ‘Yard of Putts’ and signs for 5 challenges during the 9-hole event. Thank you, Al. Each golfer was encouraged to take a cold water or soda complements of TeeBirds. Hank also accepted a $10 cost of the luncheon social catered by HyVee at 11:15. Thank you, Sandy G, for getting this organized, delivered and set-up. 
The BRAMBLE format along with the Yard of Putts tape set the stage nicely for having a good fun round. Additionally, there were special challenges on 5 different holes. They were: LONGEST DRIVE on Hole # 2; LONGEST PUTT MADE (no tape) on Hole # 3; CLOSEST TO THE PIN from tee on Hole # 4; CLOSEST TO THE PIN on Hole # 6 (the par 5); and LONGEST PUTT MADE on hole # 8. All prizes were awarded at the luncheon.
It was a good playday for many TeeBirds as average scores were 38.14, median score was 39 with the range being 17 (32-49). The most frequent score was 37 (+1) by 4 players. Of the 21 golfers, half scored 40 or less. Way to score TeeBirds!
It was a good playday for Bob Bradley as he posted 32 at -4(par 36). Ron Smith and Gary Duffy were under par as well with scores 35 (-1). Sandy Groves had the best women’s score of 43.
Notes from the scorecards:
Bob Bradley posted birdies on #8, #1, #3, #6 and #7 and had the longest drive on # 2.
Dave Ezell birdied #3 and #4 and was a double winner as his drive on # 4 was closest to the pin. He also squeezed his 3rd shot within inches of the hole on #6 for an EAGLE!. Congrats to Dave E!
Ron Smith birdied #2 and #6.
Gary Duffy edged out Ron Smith for making the longest putt on # 8.
Bob Bahsen birdied #2, #3 and #6.
Al Pote EAGLED #6 as well as sank the longest putt on # 3 by sinking a 50-footer. Cheers all around for Al.
The Team of Al Pote, Dave Williams Dave Strand and Hank Campbell were -5 on this hole with 3 birdies and 1 eagle. 
All prizes for winners of the challenges received gift cards for the ISU Pro Shop.
Prize Balls given out at the luncheon: Bob B, Ron S, Gary Duffy and Sandy G.
There were 25 served at the luncheon. Thanks go to the ISU staff for moving us inside the clubhouse for our social as a class occupied the pavilion.
Next week, August 26, we move to The Den for a SCRAMBLE. Tee time is 8 am. Kenny Weaver is the STARTER. Weather forecast calls for partly cloudy and temperature in the mid 80’s. As these 80 and 90 degree days continue, use some caution to stay cool and hydrated, continue safe practices to keep COVID or a variant away and be ready for a fun playday next week. Thank you, TEEBIRDS!
Hank Campbell
Teebrids Play for August 12th:  Ironwood GC for Bramble
It looked a little bleak for our Teebird golfers to get together for a 9-hole round at Ironwood GC. Thanks go to Brian in the clubhouse who greeted us and thought we could get the round completed before the forecast rain. Nine TeeBirds were up to the challenge and sent off to the first tee by STARTER Dave Williams. Dave also adjusted Golf Genius for just the Bramble format and dropped the Bingo Bango Bongo game. Thanks, Dave. No scorecards were given out so no notable shots could be reported. Just individual Bramble scores were entered into Golf Genius. The GG LEADERBOARD was used for this report.
Scores ranged from a low of 39 to high of 49. Average score was 42.67 with 41 (2) and 42 (2) being the most frequent scores. Range was 10. All 9 TeeBirds completed 9 holes without getting drenched. However, the course was soggy with the carts splashing through water on parts of fairways. 
Individual Scoring:
Hank Campbell 39        Steve Kern 40    Dave Ezell 41    Al Pote 41
Wayne Lockwood 42    Gary Klass 44    Dave Williams 44    Chuck McGuire 46
and Sandy Groves 49
Some Teebirds tried to play another 9 holes. After 5 to 7 holes on the back 9, heavy rains descended on Ironwood.
Prize Balls: Hank and Steve for the two lowest scores of 39 (+3) and 40 (+4).
Next week we return to our home course, ISU Weibring GC. This is a 9 am start with a social luncheon at 11:15. Invite a guest for this HyVee luncheon that includes Pulled Pork sandwich, BBQ sauce (side), cole slaw, chips, cookie and beverage. Cost is $10.  
At Weibring, the format is a Bramble with a yard-of-putts to help.   Al Pote will be the STARTER.  
Added challenges: Longest drive in fairway or 2nd cut on #2; Longest putt made on #3; Closest to the pin on #4; Closest to the pin on 3rd shot on #7; Longest putt made on #8. Prizes will be awarded at the luncheon.

Thanks to those who played Ironwood. Until we meet next week, please stay healthy, stay cool and avoid the COVID Delta variant.
Hank Campbell 
TeeBirds Weekly Report Bramble and Team play at Highland, August 5, 2021
Our TeeBirds were anxious and ready for play this week since we were rained out last week at Prairie Vista. Highland golf course hosted our Bramble and Team play. Seventeen golfers were treated to nearly perfect morning weather. Five  groups teed it up for a Bramble format. A Team score was kept with the two best scores on each of the 9 holes. Kenny Weaver was our STARTER and Hank Campbell encouraged each person to take a complimentary cold drink and stay hydrated for the round. Thanks to both guys getting all TeeBirds to the first tee by the 8 am start.
The best individual score for the day was Kenny Weaver with a +2 round of 39. Rounds of 40 were played by Bob Bahnsen, Al Pote, Brett Arseneault and Gary Duffy. The most frequent score was 43 as 6 TeeBirds posted them on Golf Genius. They were Dave Anderson, Chuck McGuire, Hank Campbell, John Walker Wayne Lockwood and John Shea. All scores ranged from 39 to 48. Not surprisingly, the average score was 43, a +6.
Team results:
The Team of John Walker, Melinda Walker, Brett Arseneault and Steve Kern tied with the Team of Hank Campbell, Kenny Weaver and Bob Bahnsen with a 77. 
A Team score of 81 by Wayne Lockwood, Ron Smith and John Shea beat out the Team of Sandy Groves, Larry Lowe and Al Pote by 2 strokes with their 83. Sandy was proud of sinking her 15-foot putt for a birdie on # 7. All other groups did not report a single topic/shot of note during their round. 
Best Team Score of 76 went to Dave Strand, David Anderson, Gary Duffy and Chuck McGuire. Congrats to all
PRIZE BALLS: Kenny W with the low score of 39. Way to go Kenny!  And balls to the best Team score to Chuck McGuire, Gary Duffy, David Anderson, and David Strand.

Next week’s match, August 12th at 8 am is at IRONWOOD for Bramble Play and Bingo Bango Bongo. Dave Williams will be the STARTER.
Until then, be healthy, manage yourself with the heat and avoid the COVID variant by wearing a mask in public.
Thanks to all for playing today. See you next week!
Hank Campbell
TeeBirds weekly report July 29, 2021: Prairie Vista with Scramble Play

Rained out!  13 TeeBirders showed up to play but the weather took an unexpected turn with lightening and rain and we had to call off golf for the day.  Thanks to Dave Anderson for helping out before the call as the starter!  Hank was on hand with bottles of water. Five minutes after deciding not to play the club house sounded the horn.
Next week we are at Highland GC with Kenny Weaver as the starter.
Mark you calendars for the next social and luncheon:  August 19th at Weibring GC.  Play will start late at 9 am.  Lunch at 11:15 with pulled pork sandwiches from Hyvee and coleslaw, chips, and dessert.  $10 each and bring a guest.
Dave Williams
TeeBirds weekly report July 22, 2021: ISU Weibring with Individual Play + High 5

It was warm and humid, a bit hazy and little wind (almost calm) for the 9 a.m. shotgun start at the ISU Weibring golf course. Thanks to Tom, the club pro, for setting us up. Larry Lowe was our starter who passed out scorecards for Individual play, reminded each Team their starting hole and provided reminder directions for High 5 play. Thank you, Larry.
Each TeeBird played their own ball from tee to the cup to record their INDIVIDUAL score. We also counted Team play using the best 2 scores on each hole. The High 5 was scored by driving the ball from each tee and landing in the fairway to get 5 points. Each putt taken by a player was -1 from the 5. No ball in the fairway, 0 points. A good score could be 45 points for 9 shots in the fairway, less 18 points for two on-green putts on each hole would yield a score of 27.
The results of Individual scores for the top seven (7): Gary Klass +3, 39: Al Pote +6, 41; Gary Duffy +6, 41; Bob Bradley +7, 42; Dave Williams +9, 45; Hank Campbell +9, 45; and Larry Lowe +9, 45.
Gary Klass ran away with the best High 5 score of 20! In a tie for second were Sandy Groves and Dave Williams with 14 points. Four players scored 12 points: Wayne Lockwood, Steve Kern, Hank Campbell and Gary Duffy.
The best Team of Gary Duffy, Sandy Groves, John Kirk and Gary Klass with nice score of 79. Reported was a 234-yard drive by Gary K! 
Second place with an 83 went to Bob Bradley, Hank Campbell and Larry Lowe. Hank C was excited when his 35-foot putt dropped in the cup for a birdie 2 on the par 3, 7th hole.
Two Teams tied for 3rd place with 87’s. Dave Strand, John Shea, Al Pote and Wayne struggled with Individual play as Dave, John and Wayne recorded scored in the 50’s. The Team of Ron Smith, John Walker, Steve Kern and Dave Williams managed to keep their scores at 50 or the mid to higher 40’s. On par 3 hole #7, John Walker hit his tee shot within 5-feet of the pin and sank the putt for a birdie!
PRIZE BALLS: Best men score: Gary Klass. Best women score: Sandy Groves. Best Team: Gary D, Sandy G, John K and Gary K.  Best High 5's: Gary Klass, Sandy Groves, and Dave Williams.
Fourteen TeeBirds and 2 guests enjoyed social time together with an Avanti’s gondola, bag of chips, super smooth brownie treats and drinks. We also treated the Weibring staff for taking care of us. It was nice to have Susan Kern and Trudy Strand as our guests.  Thank you, Sandy and Hank, for taking care of the luncheon and drinks. (We surely miss Roger Cann!) Dave Williams, thank you for quickly scoring and calling out our TeeBird winners using the results on Golf Genius.
Next week we will play a SCRAMBLE at Prairie Vista golf course in Bloomington. We return to our regular 8 am start time. Dave Anderson will be our STARTER.
Thank you, TeeBird golfers, for a nice match and a fun luncheon social. Stay healthy and hydrated during these hot and humid days of summer.
Plan to join us at Prairie Vista next week.
Hank Campbell
TeeBirds weekly report Weibring Bramble July 15, 2021
The Teebirds showed up ready to take on the Bramble format at the ISU Weibring Golf Course. We are indeed fortunate to have such a nice course as our home base where the course, facilities and equipment are well care for leading to pleasant yet challenging rounds of golf. And the friendly staff, too. Thanks to all who help make this happen.
John Shea greeted our 16 Teebirds as STARTER for the Bramble. Thank you, John for providing the scorecards and confirming a person on each Team to report scores on Golf Genius. Golf Genius then took the two best scores on each hole to post the best Team score. Each foursome competed for low score using the favored drive of the group then playing their own ball into the hole.
The Teams were quite competitive as one or two golfers in each group posted low scores. Individual scores ranged from 37 to 48 with the most frequent score being 38. Five TeeBirds scored a 38! The 4 Team scores were 70, 73, 74 and 79.
The low score of 37 (+1) was banged out by Gary Duffy. Of note was Gary’s drive on hole # 3 of 230 yards leading to pars for Dave Williams, Bob Stefl, and Chuck McGuire along with Gary.
The five golfers at 38 (+2) were Dave Anderson, Dave Williams, Jim Kellogg, Hank Campbell and Dave Ezell. It was a good day for these Daves! 
The next 4 TeeBirds scored 40 or under. They were Sandy Groves +3 at 39, while Bob Stefl, Steve Kern and Al Pote scored +4 with 40’s.
The wining Team scoring 70 was Dave Ezell, Sandy Groves, Dave Anderson and Al Pote. Dave Anderson dropped in a 28’ putt on hole # 6 for his birdie.
PRIZE BALLS: Gary Duffy with his 37! And the winning Team with Dave E, Sandy G, Dave A and Al P.
Next week, July 22nd, at ISU Weibring will be a 9 AM Shotgun start for Individual play and High 5 scoring. Larry Lowe will be the STARTER.
Our luncheon of ½ gondola, chips, cookie and drink will be at 11 AM. Guests are welcomed. Cost is $10 per person. Please let us know if you will be attending and guests, too. You will get two email invites: one for golf play at 9 am; the other for the luncheon at 11:15.
We look forward to a strong turnout for the round and the luncheon. Thank You!
TeeBirds Weekly Report July 8, 2021 Scramble at The Den
Seventeen TeeBirds were right on time for a SCRAMBLE match at The Den at Fox Creek. It was a warm overcast day with a slight breeze. Since the rain stayed away all could enjoy this Arnold Palmer signature course. Dave Ezell, our STARTER, commanded all golfers to the first tee after getting their complimentary refreshment from the TeeBird cooler. Thank you, Dave and Hank.
The challenge on this course is to stay out of the tall grass rough and avoid losing a ball in the water! Our TeeBird Teams did pretty well as scores ranged from 34 to 42 with the average being 37 for the par 36 front 9. Certainly, the SCRAMBLE format helped!
Larry Lowe, John Kirk and Wayne Lockwood suffered a bout of boggie-itis on 7 of the 9 holes. Some relief came on hole # 4 as they caught a birdie 2. They parred hole # 2 with a 4. Their score was a 42.
Tied for 3rd place with 37’s was the Team of Sandy Groves, JoEllen Bahnsen Chuck McGuire and Dave Anderson and the Team of Dave Williams, Kenny Weaver and Al Pote. Dave W sank an 18’ putt on # 1 for a birdie 3 while Sandy G sank a 20’ putt on # 4 for a birdie 2 on this par 3 hole.
John Shea, Gary Duffy, Bob Bahnsen and Steve Kern scored an even par 36 according to the Golf Genius Leaderboard. Review of the scorecard showed a -1 round of 35 with the lone birdie 2 on hole # 4. The rest were pars for 8 holes.  Either way, the Team remained in second place. (sorry, guys!)
The top Team for the day was Dave Ezell, Gary Klass and Hank Campbell with a -2 score of 34. They started with a birdie 3 on hole # 1 and finished with a birdie 4 on # 9. The remaining 7 holes were par scores. Dave E helped the Team on # 1 by chipping in the birdie 3 shot from off the green. 
PRIZE BALLS: Dave Ezell, Gary Klass and Hank Campbell for their Team play and low score of 34.
Next week, the TeeBirds return to our home course, Weibring at ISU. We will feature a BRAMBLE format and John Shea will be our STARTER. This will be the half-way game of the season.  Make a note that we will have a luncheon catered by Avanti's in two weeks on our July 22nd play at ISU and the tee time will be--please pay attention--9 AM, not the usual 8 AM tee time for the 22nd.
Thanks to all the TeeBirds for playing today. During these hot playdays, stay hydrated and stay well. See you next week at Weibring.
Hank Campbell
TeeBirds weekly Report: A Texas Scramble at Ironwood GC: July 1st, 2021

With the deluge of rain we had since last Thursday it was not a surprise to find the fairways and rough of Ironwood's golf course heavily saturated with water.  There were lots of splashes from our club swings, balls, and carts!  The day started off foggy but all that burnt off and left us with a lovely cool day with fluffy clouds and sunshine.  After the 9 holes we had a convivial social on the patio while TeeBirds were treated to a hotdog and a beverage.  This was topped off with a large container of homemade chocolate chip cookies provided by JoEllen--thank you JoEllen for that lovely treat!
The play format for the day was a Scramble with three foursomes and two three-some teams.  Ron Jones served as starter and carried off his duties in professional style complete with team announcements and a refeered whistle to get our attention.  Well done Ron!
First place.  Two teams tied for first place with scores of 35, one under par:  Chuck McGuire's team with Kenny Weaver, Bob Bahnsen, and David Strand had two birdies and a boogie.  David Williams team with Dave Ezell, Bob Bradley, and Larry Lowe had one birdie and all pars.  Larry Lowe sunk a nice 15 foot putt on Hole #1 for the Williams' team birdie.
Tied for 3rd place was the team of Steve Kern, John Shea, and Ron Smith with a 37. And the team of Wayne Lockwood, Gary Duffy, and JoEllen Bahnsen for a 37.  Gary Duffy sunk a 35 foot putt on #9
5th place was the team of Hank Campbell, Ken Brooks, Sandy Groves, and John Kirk with a 41.
PRIZE BALLS: Go to the two winning team members with the scores of 35:  McGuire, Weaver, Bob Bahnsen, Strand and Williams, Ezell, Bradley, and Lowe.

Next week, the TeeBirds will take on the The Den Golf Course with a Scramble format at 8 am. Dave Ezell is the Starter.
Have a safe and enjoyable 4th of July long weekend!
Dave Williams
TeeBirds weekly Report: A Bramble at The Links on Ireland Grove: June 24th, 2021

Beyond the challenge of playing The Links on Ireland Grove, many of the group had scanned the weather report the night before that predicted stormy weather throughout the Thursday morning. Weather radar showed that substantial rain was on its way in 2-3 hours or less. Fifteen golfers arrived ready to play at 8 am so Bob Bahnsen handled his STARTER duties well and got the groups off the first tee on time. Thank you, Bob. Those who cared to, picked up a cool refreshment drink complements of the TeeBirds.
Par for the Links course is 29. With the Bramble format, each group hit from the white tees then selected the best position ball with each golfer playing their ball all the
way to the cup on each hole. In addition to noting the best individual scores, Team results were gleaned from the best 2 golfer scores on each hole. Thanks for using Golf Genius and the scorecards. And the results, please!!
The top seven scores were: Bob Bahnsen 28, one under par! Terrific. Dave Anderson and Kenny Weaver tied with scores of 30. Dave Ezell reported a 31 while Sandy Groves, Hank Campbell and Ron Smith had scores of 32. The remaining 8 golfers had scores from 33 to 38.
Team scores were a bit more fun to highlight.
The lowest Team score was 58. It was posted by Sandy Groves (32), Dave Anderson (30), Bob Bahnsen (28) and Ron Smith (32). On # 9 coming toward the clubhouse, Ron hit his drive ending 3 inches from the cup. A tap-in birdie 2 was enjoyed by all!
Second place Team with a 60 was Chuck McGuire (33), Kenny Weaver (30) and Wayne Lockwood (33). No exceptional shots were reported.
Tied for 2nd place, Dave Ezell (31), JoEllen Bahnsen (33), Dave Williams (33) and Hank Campbell (32) also, as a Team, scored 60. JoEllen had the best drive on # 6 and the only one to make their putt for a birdie 3. Nicely done, JoEllen!
John Walker (38), John Kirk (36), Steve Kern (35) and Gary Duffy (35) struggled throughout the round coming in with a Team score of 67. No one was immune from getting 5’s, 6’s or even an 8 during the round. Perhaps they are just looking forward to playing a Scramble next week at Ironwood!
PRIZE BALLS: For his -1 28 for the round goes to Bob B. His Team members can enjoy the spoils of their low score of 58. So, Sandy, Dave A and Ron S get a ball.
Maybe prizes should go to the higher power since the rain held off until all TeeBirds finished the round. Later, around 11 am heavy rains and continued for much of the day.

Next week, the TeeBirds will take on the IRONWOOD Golf Course with a Scramble format at 8 am. At the end of the round, stop in the clubhouse and enjoy a hotdog and drink complements of the TeeBirds treasury. It’s a surprise bonus for all playing that Thursday. Be well, be safe and be happy.
Hank Campbell
TeeBirds weekly report for June 17th: Weibring Individual-Play Par 3 Challenge
Sixteen TeeBird golfers teed it up for a par 3 challenge at Weibring golf course. Players found the 150-yard marker in the fairway where they could tee their ball and hit to
the green. All nine holes were par 3 for a total par score of 27. The regular par 3 holes # 3 and # 7 were played at the forward tees.
Dave Strand was our STARTER. After some adjustment due to 2 late cancellations, Dave herded those Birds to the 150-marker on Hole # 1. Thank you, Dave. Complimentary water and soda were provided to encourage our TeeBirds to stay hydrated on this hot day.
Scoring is reported by the best individual scores along with top Team scores. Team scoring used the lowest two scores for each hole for 9 holes. Thanks to the groups for reporting the scores on Golf Genius along with the Individual Play on scorecards.
The top 5 scorers were Al Pote 34, John Walker 35, Dave Williams 36, Gary Klass 37 and Hank Campbell 37.
All scores of the 16 TeeBirds ranged from 34 to 50 with a 9-hole average of 40.7 or 41. No notable shots were reported by any Team.
There was a tie score for the top Team. Gary Klass, Wayne Lockwood, John Kirk and Dave Ezell posted a 67 matched by Larry Lowe, Steve Kern, John Walker and Hank Campbell. 
Close behind with a 68 was the Team of Dave Williams, Melinda Walker, John Shea and Al Pote.
The Team of Sandy Groves. Kenny Weaver, JoEllen Bahnsen and Dave Strand put up a valiant effort to grind out a 74.

No doubt that the Weibring golf course is challenging from 150 yards into each hole. As a group, our TeeBirds persevered and had fun along the way.

Prize Balls: Al P, John W and Dave W for the best 3 scores. For Team players not receiving a ball Gary K, Wayne L, John K, Larry L, Steve K and Hank Campbell.
Next week, the TeeBirds will play at The Links on Ireland Grove for a Bramble. Bob Bahnsen will be our STARTER. See you next week. Be safe and be well!
Hank Campbell
TeeBirds Weekly Report: Texas Scramble at Prairie Vista June 10, 2021
It promised to be a challenging day on the Prairie Vista course as the weather was forecast for temperatures toward the 90’s with high humidity. Nineteen TeeBirds took on the challenge. All were encouraged to stay hydrated with complimentary water and soda. Gary Klass was the STARTER and effectively adjusted the groups and off the first tee. Thanks, Gary.

Team performance was divided into HIGHS and LOWS. However, all Teams finished with HIGH SPIRITS.
Shooting a score of +4 40 was the Team of Wayne Lockwood, Dave Strand, Ken Brooks and Bob Bahnsen. It was mixed play for them as they had 3 bogeys, one double bogey and one birdie. No notable shots were submitted on the scorecard.
Hank Campbell, JoEllen Bahnsen and John Walker searched for some magic during the round. No birdies happened (nor a hole-in-one that John had last week!) as the Team scored a 40 with 4 bogeys and 5 pars with no special shots noted.
Kenny Weaver, Melinda Walker, Al Pote and Dave Williams were -1 for a 35. An aggravating bogey on # 7 chipped away at the EAGLE 3 on hole #4. Al Pote smacked a monster drive on #4 and a fairway shot within 18 feet of the hole. And he sank the 18’ putt for the Team EAGLE! Way to go Al!
Tied for the low Team score of 34 was Sandy Groves, Gary Duffy, John Shea and Dave Ezell. The two under par effort was highlighted by birdies on each of the par 5’s. A 4 on # 4 and birdie 4 on hole # 7, two of the toughest holes on the front 9 at Prairie Vista.
Larry Lowe, Chuck McGuire and Gary Klass also scored a 34 for a 2 under 9-hole round. They scored a bird on the par 5 # 4 hole and a sweet bird  2 on par 3 # 8 hole. No additional fine shots were reported.

Prize Balls: All members of the two lowest teams and Al Pote for his well-earned EAGLE 3 on the par 5 # 4. (Team members: Larry Lowe, Chuck McGuire, Gary Klass, Sandy Groves, Gary Duffy, John Shea and Dave Ezell).

Next week, June 17, we play an Individual Par-3 game with a SHOTGUN START at ISU. Dave Strand is our STARTER.
Thanks for playing TeeBirds!
TeeBirds Weekly Report June 3rd, 2021:  Highland GC with a Scramble Play
What a beautiful day for golf at Highland amongst all the trees!  Warmest temperatures of the year so far and a lovely sunny day.  Twenty-two golfers turned out for five scramble teams.  John Walker served as starter and helped corral everyone for an early start.  The fairways and greens at Highland were in great shape.
We will review the performance of the five teams.  However, the big news event was John Walker getting a hole-in-one on the Par 3 third hole (photo below with John and his team of Melinda, Jim, and Ken).  Highland GC is even making a special plaque for him to commerate his ace for the Par 3 hole.  CONGRATES JOHN WALKER.  It may be the only hole-in-one recorded in at least my history of the TeeBirds (someone correct me if I'm wrong).  
Now for the team performances:
Winning scramble team with 4 under par 33 is Steve Kern, Larry Lowe, Kenny Weaver, and Gary Duffy.
Tied for 2nd with 1 under par 36's are the teams of McGuire, Kirk, Shea, and Bradley; and Williams, Groves, Smith, Arseneault, and Goodell
Tied for 4th with even par 37'a are the teams of Lockwood, Klass, JoEllen and Bob Bahnsen
No teams report anything notable in terms of shots except for the incredible hole-in-one for John Walker.  Good golf playing for an enjoyable day for all!
Prize balls go to the first-place team of Kern, Lowe, Weaver, and Duffy and to John Walker for his ace.
Next week, June 10th, the TeeBirds we are at Prairie Vista for a SCRAMBLE. Gary Klass will be our STARTER.
Until next week,

Dave Williams

TeeBirds Weekly Report May 27th, 2021:  Weibring Individual play Yard of Putts
Even with a brisk morning facing the TeeBirds, they were ready to test their golfing skill with Individual play. Starter Hank Campbell with timely assistance from Wayne Lockwood passed out a paper tape of a “Yard-of-Putts’ along with Team scorecards. We got a nice send-off with a shot-gun start for today’s match thanks to Tom Szymoniak. This helped all Teams to finish in time to enjoy a beverage drink from the clubhouse (compliments of the Teebirds) and chips from Sandy Groves. Thanks to all.
We also welcomed John Kirk and Ken Brooks back with the TeeBirds! Glad to have both of you with us. Thanks and keep on coming back.  The TeeBirds were saddened to learn that one of our former players, Brad Winans had recently passed away. We send our heartfelt sympathies to his family.
The scoring will be reported with the top individual scores for the 19 golfers along with the Team scores using the best ball scores. Thanks to all groups for using Golf Genius for the 9 holes.Our Teebirds had quite a challenge as individual scores ranged from a low of 35 to high score of 53. 
Gary Klass leveraged his skill, luck and the ‘Yard of Putts’ to post the best score of the day, a -1 and 35.
Bob Bradley followed with +1 and 37.
A +2 38 was scored by Al Pote.
Steve Kern followed with a + 4 and a 40.
The Best Ball Teams:
#1 Dave Williams, Ken Brooks, Gary Klass and Bob Bradley posted a -3 for a 69. The scorecard noted it was ‘nice steady golf’ for Gary as he scored 3 birds with the tape assist. Bob B did well by getting 2 birds with the tape assist.
#2 Wayne Lockwood, Al Pote, Kenny Weaver and John Shea were proud with their -1 score of 71. Al P. EAGLED #9 by hitting his second shot within 10” of the hole. He used the tape assist and still had 27” left of his tape. Nicely done, Al!
#3 Hank Campbell, John Walker, Steve Kern and John Kirk had trouble making those putts finishing with a +4 76. No memorable shots were reported.
#4 Sandy Groves, Dave Ezell, Brett Arseneault and Larry Lowe gave it their best with a +6  78. Brett had a birdie on # 4 while Dave scored a bird on # 7.
#5 was the good time Team of Chuck McGuire, Dave Strand and Gary Duffy who finished the 9 holes with the Team Score of +14 and 86.
Prize balls go to low individual scorers Gary Klass, Bob Bradley, Al Pote and the rest of the #1 best-ball team, Dave Williams and Ken Brooks.
This was our last outing for the month of May! Next week, June 3rd, the TeeBirds take on the hills and trees of the Highland golf course and a SCRAMBLE. John Walker will be our STARTER.
Thanks to all TeeBirds who have played this month. Enjoy friends and family this Memorial Day weekend. Continue to be safe and healthy.
Hank Campbell
TeeBirds Weekly Report May 20th, 2021:  Bramble at Weibring GC
The TeeBirds received two Thank You cards for our donations to the American Legion in honor of Roger Cann. The American Legion card said, “Thank you for your kind donation to the American Legion Honor Guard, Post 635 in memory of Roger Cann. We will let Karen know.” The Family of Roger Cann (Karen) also sent us a Thank You card.
We gained another TeeBird player, Clyde Kang. He paid full season dues even though he will return to Florida in a couple of weeks. We offered to have him as our guest for the limited play, but he wanted to support us for ‘the good of the cause.” He played 18 holes today and had a wonderful time. Welcome back anytime, Clyde.
Bob Goodall showed up, too, in a cart until he caught up with Hank’s group. Bob had an envelope with his TeeBirds dues. He wanted to all to know that he plans to play this summer, but he has physical therapy sessions to accomplish in preparation to play. We will look forward to his healthy return, even if he can manage just a few holes at an outing. We look forward to your return!
After heavy rains earlier in the week, we were greeted with an ideal morning to play at the ISU golf course. Thank you, Steve Kern, for being our STARTER and hustling those Birds to the first tee. Our 19 TeeBirds formed 5 groups and braced themselves for this Bramble match. Teams could select the best drive off the Tee then play their own ball all the way to the cup. The best individual scores as reported on Golf Genius were noted. There was Team scoring, too. The 2 lowest scores for each hole were added giving a Team score for the hole. All 9 holes were totaled for the Team Score.
Individually, our top scores: Ron Smith (+3) 39; Al Pote (+5) 41; Dave Williams and Steve Kern (+7) 43; Sandy Groves and Hank Campbell (+8) 44.
Now for the Team Scores!
The # 5 Team: Chuck McGuire, Larry Lowe, Dick Moore and Clyde Kang packed in all the fun they could handle finishing with a 90.
The # 4 Team: Bob Bahnsen, John Shea, and Steve Kern scored 87.
The # 3 Team: Dave Williams, JoEllen Bahnsen, Ron Smith and John Walker posted a lower score of 83. On #1, Ron started well with a 33’ putt for the bird. Dave W drained a 40’ birdie putt from the edge of the green on # 4.
The # 2 Team: Sandy Groves, Al Pote, Melinda Walker and Wayne Lockwood pooled their scores for an 82. Wayne made a 23’ putt on # 1 to save his par.
And the # 1 Team: Kenny Weaver, Bob Stefl, Hank Campbell and Dave Strand cruised in with a score of 80. On # 9, Dave Strand hit his 150-yard 2nd shot from the fairway to the green. He then sank his 36’ downhill putt for his and the Team’s lone birdie of the day! The Team was delighted!
Prize Balls: Ron Smith low men’s score of 39. Sandy Groves low women’s score of 44. Top Team of the Day: Kenny Weaver, Bob Stefl, Dave Strand, and Hank Campbell.
Next week we again play at ISU Weibring for Individual Play. Hank Campbell will be our Starter. We will have a ‘Yard of Putts’ that might save some strokes. Social time after play will be complimentary drinks from the clubhouse provided by the TeeBirds. There will be bottled water available in the cooler at the first tee.
Thanks for playing. See you next week at the ISU golf course.
Hank Campbell
2021 TeeBirds May 13th Scramble Play at Ironwood GC
Be sure to check the scores on the website for each player and/or team.
Who would have thought golfers could play a round at Ironwood without significant wind? That happened Thursday as 22 Teebirds were greeted with perfect weather conditions with no wind. As our STARTER Chuck toned down the chatter and excitement of the moment, six groups were sent off to the first tee right on time. Thanks, Chuck.
All the Teams were competitive as no Team scored greater than one under par. Par for 9 holes was 36. Way to go Teebirds!
Sandy Groves, Kenny Weaver, Larry Lowe and Dave Anderson posted -1 for 35. All pars except for a birdie 4 on #7. They earned this bird by Kenny sinking a 32’ putt!
Dave Williams, Dick Moore, John Shea and Ben Arsenault also scored a 35. They scored birdies on # 2 and # 8 but hit a snag with a bogie on the par 5 # 3. Brett helped the team with an 80-yard pitch to 6” of the hole on # 2 that led to a tap-in birdie. Brett, being a team player, ‘saved the team’ with a 202-yard fairway woodshot thus saved a par 5 on # 7. On # 8, Dave Williams put the ball on the green and then sank a 15’ putt for a team birdie 2 while John Shea followed with a 205-yard drive on # 9.
Jon Walker, JoEllen Bahnsen, Bob Bradley and Steve Kern scratched out a -1 35. They tried to finish strong over the last 4 holes with a birdie 3 on # 6 and birdie 4 on # 7. The streak was interrupted by a bogie 4 on # 8. Bob Bradley helped the Team save par on # 9 by making the 8-foot putt.
Melinda Walker, Ron Smith and Hank Campbell finished strong by birdieing the last two holes that gave the Team a -2 34. It was all pars through 7 holes. The Team cheered when Hank nailed a 33-foot putt on # 9 for the closing birdie.
The smashing Team of Chuck McGuire, Jim Kellogg and Gary Duffy scored -3 under par for 33. Three birdies were made on holes # 2, 6 and 8. Jim got the team fired up by getting the birdie 3 on # 2 contributing all three shots. 
Wayne Lockwood, Al Pote, Gary Klass and Bob Bohnsen were a potent foursome by posting the 3 under par 33. They really got it going with three birdies over the last 5 holes! A birdie 3 on # 5, 4 on # 7, and finished with birdie 3 on # 9. Gary Klass blasted a 265-yard drive on the par 5 # 7 helping the team with the bird. A scorecard playoff with birdies on 2 of the last 3 holes gave this team the TeebirdsTeam victory!

Congratulations  to all the teams. It was a fun day! Thanks to the Ironwood course staff for their cordial welcome and nice carts. Thanks to Hank for providing complimentary refreshing drinks. 
Prize balls for the Ironwood Scramble: Wayne L., Al P., Gary K., and Bob Bohnsen.
Next week, May 20, we return to ISU Weibring for a Bramble outing.  Till then, be healthy and safe. Continue to enjoy our Teebird outings!

Hank Campbell
2021 TeeBirds May 6th Opening Meeting & Scramble Play at Weibring GC
Be sure to check the scores on the website for each player and/or team.
The Teebirds started the 2021 golf season!

The weather was cold and damp with times of spitting rain as the 2021 Teebird group gathered in the ISU Weibring golf course shelter. The group engaged in lively spirited conversation as we shared hot coffee, juice, other drinks, and tasty muffins. Thanks to Sandy Groves for the setup. Twenty-seven members showed for this first meeting with 27 paying the $15 dues. Appreciated was the use of the envelopes with the names on the outside. There were 3 members who did not attend and owe their dues. 

Chuck McGuire repeated the sad news of the untimely passing of our good friend and member Roger Cann. Roger served ISU for years, served as VP of ISU SUAA and was a member of the Veterans Honor Guard at meeting functions and funerals for Veteran soldiers throughout the central IL area.  Donations were received from our Teebirds in the amount of $410 and will be given to the American Legion Post #635 in Bloomington in honor of Roger. Thank you, Teebirds.
Chuck introduced our new members. They are Brent Arseneault, Larry Lyons, and Kenny Weaver. Welcome to the Teebirds!
Wayne Lockwood reported that all starter positions have been filled for the season. Please let Wayne know if you cannot make your assigned date or if there will be a substitute. Starters should arrive about a half hour (7:30 am) before the start of the match. Make team adjustments as needed. Review the format and pass out the Teebird Scorecards to each Captain and move them on their way to the first tee. 

Dave Williams thanked the Planning Committee members for their work preparing for the 2021 season. He emphasized that the main goal of our Teebirds is to have fun playing golf and enjoy each other. Dave continued to review some of the rules of play.  He emphasized avoiding slow play by playing ready golf and being aware of your pace of play. There is a 3-minute rule for searching for a lost ball. Please enter scores using Golf Genius. Note any player who had an outstanding shot on a hole and note it on the scorecard. Submit the paper scorecard to the clubhouse at the end of the match. 
Several brave golfers (13 Teebirds) teed it up in spite of the weather.
The top finishing team was Dave Williams, Jim Kellogg, Larry Lowe, and Wayne Lockwood. They scorched the Weibring Links with a -5 score of 31. Way to start the season!
Larry Lyons, Bob Bradley, Bob Bahnsen, Sandy groves, and Chuck McGuire managed to keep the bogies off the scorecard but made one birdie for a round of 35 for second place.
Third place went to the team of Hank Campbell, Dave Strand, John Shea and Gary Klass. They posted a +1 score of 37. Their scorecard reported a 240-yard drive in the fairway for John Shea on #3. Gary Klass sank a 24-foot putt for the team birdie score of 4 on hole # 6. Their lone birdie of the round.
Prize balls go to Dave, Jim, Larry and Wayne.
Next week, May 13th, we play at Ironwood at 8 am with a Scramble format, Chuck McGuire is the starter. Thanks to all the teams for using Golf Genius to record their scores and submitting scorecards.
Teebirds weekly report September 24 Bramble at Weibring Final Outing
Another terrific Thursday morning as the weather was nearly perfect for this final outing for the Teebirds season. The Bramble format was the game of the day. Dave Williams had the teams formed and Golf Genius ready to accept individual Bramble scores as well as Team scores. Wayne Lockwood was our STARTER and directed golfers to assigned tees for the Shotgun start. This format assured that all groups could finish at about the same time to gather for the luncheon.
Hank Campbell came up with 12 Challenges for the 9 holes and a list was provided for each Team Captain. Signs were taken to each hole on the front 9 by our friendly staff at the Weibring Golf course. Roger Cann and Hank also provided beverages before and after the round. Sandy Groves arranged for our Lunch delivery from Avanti’s.  For all those that helped to get things going and have a fun golfing experience, a hardy THANK YOU!
PRIZE WINNERS: A table of prizes were provided by Teebird funds and by the following sponsors: Weibring Golf Club (4 rounds with carts); Bone Student Center (ISU Teeshirt); Avanti’s (3 $10 gift cards); D. Ezell (golf balls and shoe bags); ISU Teebirds (ISU scarfs, 5 Weibring pro shop $10 gift certificates); individual donors (golf balls, socks, golf tees, etc.).
Before announcing our prize winners, our guest were introduced namely Trudy Strand, Pat Grogg, Cathie Lockwood and Dawn Pote. At the end of lunch, Tom Szymoniak, Head PGA Pro at Weibring, addressed the group. He gave his background and experience before coming to ISU. He and family live in Mahomet. He is very pleased to be at ISU Weibring. Tom fielded questions dealing with changes that might be coming with the course or improvements with the clubhouse facility. He thanked the Teebirds for their season and encouraged all to forward their ideas to add to a fun playing experience for all visiting golfers. We Teebirds thank Tom and his staff for assisting us by having a fine season and helping us be safe by providing single use carts for us during this COVID situation.
Our individual MEN medal winners with scores of 38 were Bob Bradley and Dave Anderson.
Sandy Groves was the low score for WOMEN with a 44.
The best Team score of 73 was posted by Al Pote, Steve Kern, Bob Stefl and Dave Williams. A prize for each member of the Team!!
Challenge winners: Prizes filled the table. Each winner could select one item of their choice.
Hole # 1: Longest putt WOMEN- Sandy Groves   Longest putt MEN- Dave Anderson
Hole # 2: Longest drive in Fairway- Al Pote
Hole # 3: Shortest drive from the Tee box- Melinda Walker
Hole # 4: Closest to the pin in the drive- Bob Bradley
Hole # 5: Longest drive in fairway- Gary “BDC” Klass
Hole # 6: Longest putt- Al Pote
Hole # 7: Closest to pin from the Tee- Gary “Tiger” Klass
Hole # 7: Closest to pin on second shot off green- Steve Kern
Hole # 8: Closest to pin from a sand bunker- Dave Williams
Hole # 9: Longest putt Women- Jo Bahnsen   Longest Putt MEN- Dick Moore
A ticket drawing was held by Chuck McGuire. Over 20 prizes were given out.
All tickets were returned and combined for all those present. The final drawing for the four golf rounds with cart at Weibring was a ticket held by Larry Lowe! Congratulations to Larry, everybody’s best friend!
Thanks to all Teebirds, their friends and our supporters for playing and staying healthy for each other throughout season. Let’s look forward to finding new members to join our Teebird Golfers next year in addition to the return awesome 2020 golfers.
There is still opportunity to play on Thursday mornings in October.  Instructions for open play were sent out by co-leader of the Teebirds, Dave Williams, on Friday morning.  For more information go to https://isuteebirds.net/start-times-2.htm
Thank you so much!
Hank Campbell
Teebirds weekly report September 17 Texas Scramble at Weibring
The Weibring golf course hosted our TeeBirds for this week’s Texas Scramble. Bob Bahnsen was our STARTER for the 22 hardy golfers who needed to adjust to the introductory fall-type day. The six groups were reminded to play the best ball all the way to each hole while including a drive at least once from each golfer for the 9 holes. Thanks, Bob, for getting all groups off the first tee with scorecards. Those who cared to get a beverage checked out the cooler that was stocked by Roger Cann and Hank Campbell. Thanks guys!
Our TeeBird Teams scored well today with all groups finishing par or better. Scores ranged from a high of 36, even par, to the low of 32, 4 under par. Sixteen birdies were scored for all Teams! Three Teams had a member drive the # 8 hole. 
Shooting the even par score of 36 were Chuck McGuire, Al Pote, Melinda Walker and John Walker. Al P pleased the team with his 232-yd drive on # 5. John caused some excitement by sinking a 24-ft putt for the birdie 3 on # 5. Al P again pounded the ball 230 yards to the green on # 8 leading to a birdie 3.
The Team of Sandy Groves, Bob Bahnsen and Gary Klass finished with 35, -1 for the 9 holes. Gary drove the green on # 8, a 250-yard drive. However, the Team only managed a par 4 on the hole.
Wayne Lockwood, Gary Duffy, David Strand and John Kirk came in with a 34, 2 under par. No special shots were included on their scorecard.
The Team of Dave Ezell, JoEllen Bahnsen, Steve Kern and Bob Bradley also came in with a 2 under 34. Steve Kern drove within 3 yards of the green on # 8 finishing the hole with a birdie 3. Reportedly, there was some sort of weird karma on hole # 3 as the team witnessed 4 lip-outs. That par was not very satisfying. So frustrating, that game of golf!
Roger Cann, Larry Lowe and Jim Kellogg logged a nice score of -3 or 33 for their team efforts. The scorecard was empty of notable shots.
The low score of -4 of 32 was a Team effort from Hank Campbell, Dick Moore, Dave Williams and Ron Smith. Birdies were made on # 3, # 4, # 6 and # 8. Ron and Hank each had 3 good drives, Dave 2 nice drives off the tee while Dick placed a drive in the middle of the fairway on # 5. Timely chips by each Team member helped, too. Ron drilled a nice 20-ft putt to birdie # 4. All agreed that it was a fun day!
PRIZE BALLS: Ron Smith, Dick Moore, Dave Williams and Hank Campbell for their fabulous 32!

Next week is our last outing at Weibring GC on September 24th. It will be a shotgun start at 9 am and a BRAMBLE format. A final luncheon will be held outside in the shelter around 11:15. There will be 12 fun challenges during the 9 holes along with some nice prizes for our Teebirds!  Please sign up for the lunch to reserve your spot. Any invited guests are welcome for this season ending event. Let’s celebrate!

Thanks for playing and staying healthy for each other throughout season.

Hank Campbell
TeeBirds weekly report September 10th BRAMBLE at Weibring GC
The Weibring golf course greeted our 19 Teebirds with cool temperatures and damp somewhat foggy conditions. With undaunted spirit our STARTER Wayne Lockwood (thanks, Wayne) coaxed the five teams to the first tee for a BRAMBLE match with a newly revised scorecard. The BRAMBLE format was formerly known as SHAMBLE but the rules are the same. Additionally, we played for the best Team score by using the two best scores of individual players per hole over the 9 holes. A shout out ‘thanks’ to our CAPTAINS for recording scores both on the scorecards and Golf Genius. It really helps with weekly reports.
Roger Cann was spot on again by providing water and a selection of soda drinks iced in a cooler for our Teebirds. Thanks go to Roger. Thanks to all Teebirds that continue to help us all be safe by wearing masks during any time in the Weibring clubhouse.  Results from the Bramble format play:
Gary Duffy warmed sufficiently on this chilling morning to post the best individual score of one over par 37. Good consistency paid off by having one bogie and 8 pars.
Al Pote and Jim Kellogg nailed down the next best scores of 38, two over par. Chuck McGuire shot well today with a 39. Rounding out the next men’s best scores were Wayne Lockwood, Dave Ezell and Gary Klass with 40’s. Three cheers for Melinda Walker for an exceptional women’s score of 44.
The remaining scores were: Bob Bradley 41, Steve Kern 41, Bob Stefl 41, Hank Campbell 42, Larry Lowe 42, Dick Moore 42, Bob Bahnsen 44, Dave Williams 45, Roger Cann 45, John Walker 48 and John Kirk 51. 
The Team Best Ball results were tightly contested and ranged from a low of 73 to a high of 82. The top Team of the day was Chuck McGuire, Gary Duffy, Dick Moore and Melinda Walker. 
Showing a 74 for their efforts were Bob B, Gary K, Dave E and Bob S.
Third place was secured by Wayne L, Al P, Larry L and John Kirk with the Team score of 76.
Finishing out the Team scores were Hank C, Dave W, Jim K and Roger C digging out a 78 while John W, Steve K and Bob B had 82.
All the scorecards were blank in the space for noting special shots, drives or long putts made. Maybe the chilling effect of the weather held back some of those special shots. Better luck next week!
PRIZE BALLS: Gary Duffy was our medalist with the low score of 37 and Melinda Walker for the low women’s score of 45. The top Team with a 73 was Chuck M, Gary Duffy, Dick M and Melinda Walker. A prize ball to each Teebird! Congratulations.
Next week, back to ISU Weibring Golf Course on September 17th for a TEXAS SCRAMBLE match. Our STARTER will be Bob Bahnsen. Use this round to prepare yourself for our last outing at Weibring GC on September 24th. Note that the 24th will be a shotgun start at 9 am.
Again, all Teebirds should wear their masks while in the clubhouse and practice safe distancing, too. Drinks will be provided before and after the round. Stay healthy and safe and thanks for playing. See you next Thursday, Teebird golfers!  
Hank Campbell
Teebirds weekly report September 3 SCRAMBLE at Ironwood
Teebird golfers returned to the challenging links at Ironwood. In addition to perfect weather on another Thursday, all noticed the new electric carts available for single person use at no extra charge. Thank you, Town of Normal. Our masked Teebirds were signed in and ready to go as Larry Lowe was our starter for the TEXAS SCRAMBLE. On the way to the first tee many Teebirds grabbed a complimentary cold drink thanks to Roger Cann and Hank Campbell. Thanks, guys.
The GG Leaderboard showed that it was quite a competitive day as two Teams ‘zoomed’ in with fine scores of 32 at 4 under par. No, this was not a virtual match! This happened on the real Ironwood golf course.
Dave Williams, Steve Kern and Gary Klass managed their 32 scoring birdies on hole # 3, # 6, # 7 and # 8. No bogies marred the scorecard. Gary hit a 270-yd drive on # 7. Dave sank a 20-ft birdie putt on # 8.
John Walker, Bob Bahnsen, Al Pote and Dick Moore were a potent Team scoring the other 32 with birdies on holes; # 1, # 2, # 4 and # 6. Bob B drained a 30 ft putt to birdie # 1. John W contributed a 15-ft putt for birdie on # 2 while Dick M sank a 20-ft birdie putt on # 4.
Gary Duffy, JoEllen Bahnsen, Dave Ezell and Dave Anderson scrambled nicely for a 34, two under par. Gary Duffy got the round started with a solo birdie on hole # 1. Another birdie was recorded on hole #7. It was a bogie free round for the Team. Dave A did contribute a 246 yd drive on hole # 7.
Hank Campbell, Larry Lowe and John Kirk finished their round with a 34 score with 3 birdies and a bogie on hole # 3. Larry found some magic with his game, especially the putter. Larry sank putts for birdies of 18-ft on # 2, 29-ft on # 4 and a 12 inch on # 8. The par three # 8 birdie was due to Larry’s drive that came to rest less than a foot from the cup!
Wayne Lockwood, Sandy Groves, Melinda Walker and Roger Cann finished with a Team score of 39. Hopefully, they had a grand time during their round. A highlight was the group seeing Sandy sink a 40-ft putt on hole # 6 saving par for the team. Congrats, Sandy!
PRIZE BALLS: The Teams with -4 under par 32 earned their way to prize balls to each member. That would be Gary K, Steve K, Dave W, Bob B, Al P, Dick M and John Walker. Outstanding scores to match the outstanding weather!
Next week, our outing will be at ISU Weibring Golf Course on September 10th for a SHAMBLE, best drive then your on your own. Our STARTER will be John Shea.  
All Teebirds should wear their masks while in the clubhouse. Practice safe distancing, too. Drinks will be provided in a cooler. Stay healthy and safe. Thanks for playing. See you next Thursday, Teebird golfers! 
Hank Campbell
Teebirds weekly report for Aug 27 A SCRAMBLE at The Links
The Teebird golfers got a real break for their morning outing at the Links. The temperatures were in the 70’s with light humidity and overcast clouds. Thanks to our Teebird golfers who showed up with masks and an eager attitude for a fun round. While the Teebirds gathered to sign in and get their carts, John Walker, our STARTER, made some player adjustments due to a no-show. However, the first group got off the first tee a few minutes early from the 8:00 start. Thanks, John. Many Teebirds took a complimentary cold beverage for the round, too.
A heavy dew was settled on the first several greens as none of our 5 groups scored birdies on the first two holes. But 2 of our five teams managed to overcome the conditions and post scores of 27 on the par 29 course to tie for first place. The other 3 teams scored 28, 29 and 30.
Chuck McGuire, Al Pote, Steve Kern and Dick Moore were very consistent with 7 pars and 2 birdies for their round of 27. No shots or exceptional putts were recorded on the scorecard.
John Walker and Melinda Walker teamed together and were rewarded with a -2 score of 27. They attributed this, in part, to having two shots each on every hole. John had a chip-in for a birdie on hole # 3 while Melinda made a 20 ft putt on # 4 for the birdie. They had a fun time being paired together!
The second place Team finish was awarded to Dave Williams, Bob Bradley, Dave Ezell and John Shea. They posted a 28 on the scorecard for a -1. The lone birdie was a 3 on the # 6 par 4 hole. No memorable shots were posted for the Team.
Third place. Sandy Groves, Gary Klass, Larry Lowe and Dave Strand came through with an even par 29. Kudos to the team for overcoming an early bogie 4 on hole # 2 with a hard-earned birdie 3 on the tough par 4 # 6.
Zooming in to last place were Wayne Lockwood, JoEllen Bahnsen and Hank Campbell with a one over par 30. Missed putts on hole # 2 and # 4 yielded bogies. Hank contributed a tee shot on # 7 that stopped 11” from the cup. He tapped it in gaining the lone birdie for the Team.
PRIZE BALLS: All members of the two Teams scoring 27! That would be Chuck Maguire, Al Pote, Steve Kern and Dick Moore plus the POWER TEAM of the Walkers- John and Melinda! Congrats to all.
Next week, our calendar turns to the first week of September. Our outing will be at IRONWOOD Golf Course on September 3rd for the 9-hole SCRAMBLE. Our STARTER will be Larry Lowe.  All Teebirds should wear their masks while in the Ironwood clubhouse. Practice safe distancing, too. Drinks will be provided in a cooler. Stay healthy and safe. Thanks for playing. See you next Thursday, Teebird golfers!               
Hank Campbell
ISU TeeBirds Weekly Report, Aug 20: Individual play, High Five and a yard of putts at Weibring GC
Another terrific Thursday morning greeted all Teebirds at the Weibring golf course. The outing was for INDIVIDUAL play with the added HIGH FIVE scoring challenge. To keep scores in check, a YARD OF PUTTS could be used on any hole saving a putting stroke. The HIGH 5 starts on each hole by keeping the shot off the tee in the fairway giving the individual golfer 5 points. Once their ball is on the green, each putt taken to get the ball in the cup is subtracted from 5 points.
An instruction sheet, scorecard and the one-yard tape for PUTTS was presented by our STARTER, David Strand. After our masked TeeBirds finished registration and paid cart fees, the 19 golfers were directed to the first tee by David. He also reminded each group about the complimentary cold water and sodas available before and after the round. Thanks, Dave, for keeping groups moving off # 1 tee. Thanks to Roger Cann and Hank Campbell for the cold refreshments.
The winner of the HIGH FIVE was Wayne Lockwood with a stellar score of 30! Review of the scorecard revealed that Wayne kept his drives in the fairway during 8 of the 9 holes. Only on the second hole did Wayne fail to get started with 5 points. Outstanding effort, Wayne!
Gary Duffy and Roger Cann were in second place with scores of 23. Dave Anderson and Steve Kern were in 3rd place with scores of 22. Sandy had the best women’s score of 19.
A question about the lowest HIGH 5 scores? Gary Klass had a 3 and Dave Williams a 4. Now you know.
INDIVIDUAL play scores were quite good for our leading TeeBirds. Jim Kellogg and Dave Anderson tied for medalist honors with -1 scores of 35. Gary Duffy finished even par 36. Al Pote finished with 37 while Gary Klass had a +2 38 and Chuck McGuire a 39.
Finishing out the scoring were:  Hank Campbell 40;  Wayne Lockwood  41; John Walker 42; Larry Lowe  43;  Steve Kern 43; Bob Bahnsen  43; Dave Williams  44; Dave Strand  49; Dick Moore  49; John Shea 50; Sandy Groves  50; John Kirk  50;  Roger Cann 52.  
Some outstanding shots were reported this week. John Kirk went all out to sink a 57-ft putt on # 5. Jim Kellogg drained a 45 ft putt on # 3 for a birdie. John Walker EAGLED # 9 (2 on a par 4)! Chuck McGuire had a 241-yd drive on #5. He followed on # 6 by being on the green in 2 and scored a birdie 4. Al Pote smashed two drives on #6 that reached just off the back of the green. He finished the hole with a birdie 4. Al really hit the ball for a 260-yd drive in the fairway on # 9 leading to a birdie 3. Sandy Groves made a 20-ft putt on # 3 for her par. We all know # 3 is a tough green to putt!
Gary Duffy had a fine round going with a minus 3 until hole # 8. With a bad sand shot and others, Gary scored a triple bogie 7. His only bad hole. He finished even par 36 for the round.
PRIZE BALLS: HIGH 5 winner Wayne L (men) and Sandy G (woman). Jim Kellogg, Dave Anderson and Gary Duffy for their low scores for INDUVIDUAL play. John Kirk for making his 57-ft putt and John Walker for his EAGLE 2 on # 9.
Next week, August 20, we return to The LINKS. We will play a SCRAMBLE. John Walker will be our STARTER. All TeeBirds should continue to wear their masks at The LINKS during registration. Drinks will be provided. Stay healthy and safe. See you next Thursday, TeeBird golfers!              
Hank Campbell
ISU Teebirds Weekly Report August 13th, 2020 Weibring GC
Whoever has been coordinating the weather on Thursday mornings for Teebird golfers, let’s hope it continues through the rest of the season (six more weeks). It was a fabulous morning for the gathering of 19 Teebirds, all ready for a SHAMBLE match. Kudos to all who continue to help us be healthy and safe by wearing masks in the clubhouse and getting carts off to the first tee.
Thanks to Roger and Hank for the cold drinks to start and end our match at Weibring. Dave Williams served as our STARTER. Thank you, Dave!
All the groups were looking for that best drive, good shots to get on the greens, then nice putts with accuracy. Based on a review of the scorecards, the average group scores were 40, 40, 43, 44 and 45. The average score for 9 holes was 42 with a range of 12 (36-48). The middle score was 42 with the most frequent score of 44. However, the test of the day was to get a low score!
Our lowest Teebird golfer was Gary Klass with an even par 36. Al Pote posted a one-over 37, closely followed by Jim Kellogg with a plus 2, 38 and Dave Ezell and Gary Duffy with a 39. 
The remaining Teebirds scored 40 or more for the 9-hole scramble. They were:
Bob Stefl  40​ Dave Williams  41​ Hank Campbell  41​ John Shea  42​ Chuck McGuire  42
Steve Kern  43​ John Kirk  44​​ Roger Cann 44 ​​Larry Lowe  44​ John Walker  44
Dick More  47​ Bob Bahnsen  47​ Sandy Groves  48
The Team Best 2-Balls Score were as follows:
Score of 71:  Lockwood, McGuire, Pote, and Stefl
Score of 74:  Williams, Ezell, Kellogg, and Shea
Score of 76:  Campbell, Kern, Moore, and Duffy
Score of 78:  Groves, Kirk, and Klass
Score of 83:  Cann, Lowe, Walker, and Bahsen
Nice shots for the day: Roger had a natural birdie 2 on # 4 (par 3); Jim Kellogg drove within 10 yards of the green on # 8 where he and Dave Williams recorded birdies; Gary Klass had a 220 yd drive on # 6 and continued to birdie the par 5 hole.
PRIZE BALLS for Teebirds with scores in the 30’s. Gary K 36, Al P 37, Jim K 38, Dave E 39 and Gary D 39.
Best Ball Team:  Lockwood, McGuire, Pote, and Stefl
Next week, August 20th, we return to ISU Weibring. We will play INDIVIDUAL scores, High-Five plus a yard of putts. Dave Strand will be our STARTER.
Again, all Teebirds are required to wear their masks while in the Weibring clubhouse. Drinks will again be provided. Stay healthy and safe for our next golfing challenge. Thanks to all our fine Teebird golfers!               
Hank Campbell
ISU Teebirds Weekly Report August 6th, 2020 Weibring GC
Results of August 6th Lone Ranger Scramble
Wayne’s team (Wayne Lockwood, Al Pote, JoEllen Bahnsen)
LR = 39, Scramble group = 35, Total = 74
Hank’s team (Hank Campbell, Gary Klass, Dick Moore) 
LR = 41, Scramble group = 40, Total = 81
Chuck’s team (Chuck McGuire, Jim Kellogg, John Shea, John Kirk)
LR = 46, Scramble group = 36, Total = 82
Sandy’s team (Sandy Groves, Larry Lowe, John Walker, Gary Duffy)
LR = 45, Scramble group = 38, Total = 83
Dave’s team (Dave Williams, Ron Smith, Steve Kern, Roger Cann) 
LR = 45, Scramble group = 38, Total = 83

No doubt! This had to be one of the most pleasant weather mornings to play golf so far this season. Mild temperatures in the low 70’s, clear blue skies and low humidity. Weibring golf course was in excellent shape so how could 19 TeeBird golfers ask for anything better? Thanks to all who continue to wear their masks in the clubhouse with the hope that we all remain healthy and safe.

How about a challenging game of the LONE RANGER! Teams were rounded up and sent off the first tee by starter Hank Campbell. All golfers were reminded to ‘pack their saddle bags’ with a complimentary cold water or soda at the start and finish of the match. Thanks to Roger and Hank for the provisions.

Wayne Lockwood passed out a customized scorecard along with directions for play. Each hole had one golfer be the Lone Ranger playing their ball from tee to green and report the score. The others of the group played a Scramble from tee to green and record the score. The two scores were entered on the scorecard and added for the total score for the hole. A cycle of a different Lone Ranger for each of the 9 holes was used. Team Captains entered these scores to Golf Genius providing Leaderboard results.

•    Wayne Lockwood, Al Pote, JoEllen Bahnsen and Bob Bahnsen like a team of bandits blew away the competition with a resounding 74! Each one shared the burden of being the LONE RANGER by ‘riding through’ all 9 holes with no score greater than 5. The scramble group ‘backed up’ the Ranger with scores of 1 eagle, 1 birdie, 2 bogies and 5 pars. In addition to some exceptional Team drives, Bob B sank a 25’ putt on hole # 2 for an eagle!  The LONE RANGER scores were 39 with SCRAMBLE scores of 35, thus 74!
Legend has said that the Lone Ranger was famous for the “silver bullet” that he left behind after an adventure. However, the remaining 4 Teams could not find any ‘silver bullets’ during their rounds.
•    Hank Campbell’s Team with Dick Moore and Gary Klass finished second with a Lone Ranger score of 41 and Scramble score of 40 totaling 81. Gary had a clean getaway drive in the fairway of 240 yards on hole # 3. Hank matched that 240-yard drive on hole # 5. Gary then smashed his drive 260 yards!

•    Chuck McGuire, Jim Kellogg, John Shea and John Kirk kicked up their heels a bit searching for pars and birdies but had to settle for third place. Lone Ranger scores of 46 and Scramble of 36 totaled 82. No special happenings were reported. All golfers were relieved to return to the stable
•    Sandy Groves, Larry Lowe, Gary Duffy and John Walker were glad to figure out the scoring for the Lone Ranger game. They might have become a bit ‘saddle weary’ with Lone Ranger scores of 45 and Scramble scores of 38 rounding up a total of 83. The group witnessed John W chip-in from off the green on # 8.

•    Finishing with an identical score of 83 (Lone Ranger 45 and Scramble 38) the posse of Dave Williams, Roger Cann, Steve Kern and Ron Smith returned to the clubhouse with only their facemasks and one notable shot to share for their efforts, Ron’s 230+ yard drive on #3.

PRIZE BALLS to the winning Team of Al, Wayne, JoEllen and Bob B. And a hardy ‘Hi Ho Silver! Away!’

Next week we return to ISU Weibring for a SHAMBLE.  Dave Williams will be our STARTER. Again, all Teebirds are required to wear their masks while in the Weibring clubhouse. Drinks will again be provided. Stay healthy and safe for more golfing fun next week.
Thank you and Happy Trails to You! (Sorry. That was the Roy Rogers show.)                 

Hank Campbell
ISU Teebirds Weekly Report July 30th, 2020 The Links GC
The weather forecast for this Thursday morning called for rain. At 7 a.m. the call went out to the Teebirds that the game was on at the LINKS. It was great that all 18 who signed up were there on time. Sandy Groves was the STARTER and got the groups hustled off the first tee. Thanks, SANDY! All golfers were treated to complimentary cold drinks at the start and finish of the match due to the delivery efforts of Roger and Hank. Thank you.
The rain held off until the fifth or sixth hole but even then it was very light and misty. Not enough for all  groups to finish nine holes.
The Leaderboard on Golf Genius showed scores from 25 to 37 for a range of 12. Today’s 18 Teebirds averaged 32 for the 9 holes. Par was 29. Three Teams averaged 31, one Team 32 and one Team built unexpected memories with a 38. All 5 Teams did not submit any special events during the round.

Our top 5 Men Teebirds were:  Gary Duffy  25 (-4);  Bob Bradley  28 (-1); Wayne Lockwood, Dave Anderson and Al Pote with even par 29’s.  The women golfers also did well with Sandy Groves (31), JoEllen Bahnsen (33), and Pat Grogg (35).

Of note, however, was the threesome of Dick Moore, Gary Klass and Chuck McGuire. A scan of the scorecard suggested that they had their struggles getting a good drive to the green then making putts. Hole # 8 (a par 4) turned out to be ugly and loaded with frustration with scores of 6, 7, & 8! This led to final scores of 37, 39 and 37. A very tough day! It was rumored they lost 8 balls on the 8th hole, too.

A Prize ball to Gary Duffy for his four under par 25! Bob Bradley also earned one for his 1 under 28.  And Sandy Groves for her low women's score of 31.
Next week we return to ISU Weibring for a SCRAMBLE and the Lone Ranger game. Hank Campbell will be our STARTER.

Thanks to all who showed up on time and ready to go at their tee times. Our thanks to the LINKS for hosting our outing and providing single person carts.

Remember, all Teebirds are required to wear their masks while in the Weibring clubhouse. To stay well-hydrated during play, drinks will again be provided. Stay healthy and safe so you will be ready for more golfing fun next week.
Thank you, Teebirds!
Hank Campbell
ISU Teebirds Weekly Report July 23rd, 2020 Weibring GC
It was a splendid Thursday morning at Weibring Golf Course for the Teebirds July 23rd playdate. The format was INDIVIDUAL play thus each golfer had to rely on their own skill to score well. Helping with nearly missed putts was our Yard-of-Putts tape. There were also special challenges on 5 of the 9-holes.
Thanks to Gary Duffy for being the STARTER and Roger Cann and Hank Campbell for setting up the ice-cold complimentary refreshments at the first tee and in the shelter when completing the round.

It’s really helpful if each Captain fully labels the scorecard with the foursome names and scores. Please note and submit descriptions of notable shots on the bottom of the paper scorecard. Entering scores of each golfer/Team for each hole on Golf Genius is needed each week. Thank you!

Our five groups of Teebird golfers strived for their best scores as indicated by final results. The top five Teebirds and scores were:
Al Pote   35; Gary Klass  36; Gary Duffy  37; Ron Smith  38; and Jim Kellogg  39. A PRIZE ball to Al for the lowest score of 1 under par 35! The remaining 14 scores ranged from 40 to 54.
These are the Teebird winners of the hole challenges. A PRIZE Ball goes to each winner.
The LONGEST DRIVE on # 2 was a good drive by Ron Smith but John Shea had a better drive in the fairway. Way to go John!
The shot CLOSEST to the Pin on the par 3, # 4 hole was a fine one by Bob Bradley. However, Hank Campbell’s shot was about 5 feet closer to the hole and gets a prize. 
On # 6 hole, Al Pote and Ron Smith tied for the same 10” distance for the LONGEST Putt made. That is until Gary Duffy shattered that effort with an 11” putt to win the Prize! Sorry Al and Ron.
Hitting closest to the pin from the tee on # 7 started well for Bob Bradley but a closer ball was struck by Dave Williams. Jim Kellogg stuck his drive several feet closer than Dave’s to win this challenge.
On the same hole (# 7) the challenge was to hit a second shot closest to the pin. Gary Klass hit his drive  off to the right of the fairway. From 70 yards out, Gary nailed his chip into the cup for the birdie 2 and winning the prize!! How exciting. With shots like that, no wonder Gary shot a 36 for the round! (And he didn’t have to use any tape to preserve that birdie!)
The challenge on # 9 was to sink the longest putt. Ron Smith saved his par by sinking a nice putt. Larry Lowe was better by sinking a 40-foot putt creating excitement for the foursome. A prize to Larry Lowe!
Prizes balls go to: Al Pote, John Shea, Hank Campbell, Gary Duffy, Jim Kellogg, Gary Klass, Larry Lowe.
All Teebirds should bring and wear their masks for next week at the LINKS for a SHAMBLE. To stay well-hydrated during play, drinks will again be provided. Our STARTER will be Sandy Groves .
Stay cool, healthy and safe so you will be ready for golfing fun next week. Thank you, Teebirds!
Hank Campbell
ISU Teebirds Weekly Report July16th, 2020 Weibring ISU GC​​
This week’s outing at the Weibring golf course was quite a contrast to last week at the Links. What started out as cool morning heated up both in temperature and the closeness of Team scores. Teebird golfers had to tough it out with the length of the course and the difficult challenge to consistently strive for par scores.
Our thanks to Steve Kern for being our starter for our Shamble match. We thought we were going to experiment with a fivesome Team but last-minute changes left us with 5 foursomes for 20 Teebirds.  Teams were adjusted and the results bear out that final Team scores were quite close. Thanks to Roger Cann and Hank Campbell provided complimentary cold drinks at the start and end of the match for our Teebirds as they contended with higher temperatures and humidity. Drinks will be provided again next week for our match at ISU Weibring.
For those who appreciate stats, Team scores were 183, 180, 180, 179 and 171 yielding a Range of 12 strokes. Individual scores ranged from 37 to 53 for a 16. Teams averaged 179, individuals 45 and a Median 44.
Our top Team of Al Pote, Sandy Groves, Bob Bahnsen and Steve Kern had 171 with individual scores of 37, 44, 46 and 44 respectively. Al’s 37 was the lowest score of the day, 1 over par! Way to go Al! Prize balls to Al and the Team. No reported events for the Team.
The second place Team of Gary Klass, John Kirk, Wayne Lockwood and Hank Campbell came through with a 179. The Team averaged 45 with Gary 41, John 48, Wayne 45 and Hank 45. John barely missed 3 putts that just hung on the edge of the cup. John did sink a 12’ putt from the edge of the green for a par 3 on hole # 4. Gary Klass hit his drive on # 8 short of the sand traps guarding the front of the green. Then hit his next shot into the bunker! That’s part of the game of golf with our Teebirds!
Dave Williams, John Walker, Dick Moore and Gary Duffy finished with a 180. In order scores were 45, 41, 54, and 40. Gary D had the second lowest score of the day. “Nothing outstanding- good consistent golf- almost!’ was reported on the scorecard.
A Team score of 180 was reported by Roger Cann (43), Bob Bradley (40), David Strand (48) and Larry Lowe (49). Bob Bradley tied Gary Duffy with a 40 for the second lowest individual scores. Good scores guys! 
Chuck McGuire (45), Dave Ezell (41), John Shea (44) and JoEllen Bahnsen (53) came in with a Team score of 183. No reported events on the scorecard.
Prize balls go to Al Pote for his 37 and his Team of Sandy, Steve and Bob Bahnsen finishing with a 171.
All Teebirds should continue to bring and wear their masks in the clubhouse. The COVID-19 risk has not gone away! All of us need to stay well-hydrated on our play days.
Drinks will provided for all Teebird golfers again next week as we gather for INDIVIDUAL play along with a YARD OF PUTTS. We will have some special challenges on several holes, too.  Our STARTER will be Gary Duffy. Stay cool, healthy and safe so you will be ready to play your best next week. Thank you!
Hank Campbell
ISU Teebirds Weekly Report July 9th, 2020 The Links GC​​
As the weather forecasters predicted, hot dry conditions continued this Thursday morning. The staff at the Links golf course was ready to accommodate our 19 Teebirds with the desired electric carts. At least 3 TeeBirds ‘exercised’ their option to walk the 9 holes. Roger Cann was ready with coolers containing cold water or sodas as the temperature pushed into the 90’s. Thanks, Roger.
Our Starter for the Shamble match was Wayne Lockwood filling in for Dave Anderson who wasn’t feeling well. Thanks, Wayne for getting our 5 groups off the first tee and reviewing local rules for this SHAMBLE match.
Three of the 4 teams reported scores that were quite competitive with only 6 strokes between first and 3rd place.

•    The low Team score was grabbed by Bob Bahnsen, JoEllen Bahnsen, Steve Kern and Hank Campbell with a 119. The Golf Genius Leaderboard showed Steve with a sterling 26, Bob a 30, JoEllen a 31 and Hank a 32. Steve excited the group with his 42’ chip-in for a par 3 on hole # 5. Steve had the low score for men (26) while JoEllen had the low score (31) for the women.

•    The second place Team was Al Pote, Gary Klass, Larry Lowe and Dave Ezell. Their combined score was 122 with Al’s 28, Gary’s 30, Larry’s 32 along with Dave’s 32. Al hammered his drive on hole # 8 240 yards with it finally stopping 2 inches off the green! What a hit, Al, driving the green!

•    Scoring third as a Team were Dave and Trudy Strand, Gary Duffy and Wayne Lockwood with a 125. Individual scores were Dave a 33, Trudy a 35, Gary a 28 closely followed with Wayne’s 29. No special shots were offered for this report.

•    Roger Cann, John Shea, Dick Moore and Sandy Groves scored a Team total of 140. John and Sandy struggled a bit with 37 and 36 respectively while Roger and Dick had 34 and 33 for the 9 holes. The scorecard was completely clean of any special shots.

•    The final Team of a threesome with Chuck McGuire, Pat Grogg and John Walker reported perfectly consistent scores of 33, 33, and 33. (Welcome back, Pat.)
Although no notable shots were submitted, a review of the scorecard showed that each Team member contributed 3 drives! Was that good news or not such good news? Well, you decide.
Prize balls to low men scores for Steve Kern, Al Pote & Gary Duffy. JoEllen Bahnsen and Pat Grogg had low scores for women.
Thanks for participating and ‘keeping your cool’ on this hot humid day. No Teebirds continued to play another 9 holes. The heat really ‘grounded’ our Birds! We return to ISU Weibring next week, July 16, for a SHAMBLE match. Our Starter will be Steve Kern. Continue to be safe and healthy practicing social distancing and using a mask in public.
ISU Teebirds Weekly Report July 2nd, 2020 Weibring GC
What do you get when the Central Illinois temperature is 79 degrees with 75% humidity at 7:30 in the morning plus full sun and a slight breeze on the Ironwood golf course? We got 20 TeeBirds show up with their masks to sign in and get a single cart for a 9-hole SCRAMBLE. With added hats, sweat bands and a supply of water 5 Teams teed off to find those birdies and pars while dealing with the temperatures approaching 90 degrees. Thanks to Gary Klass for being our STARTER. The TeeBirds were up to the challenge as four of the five Teams scrambled for scores under par!
The top performing Team of Chuck McGuire, Gary Duffy, Dave Strand and John Shea had 33, three under par. Gary Duffy helped the Team with two birdies by sinking a 16’ putt on # 2 and a 20’ putt on # 6. This group had 3 birdies and 6 pars.
Two Teams tied for the next best score of 34. Dave Williams, Jim Kellogg, Bob Bahnsen and Gary Klass pulled together for 2 birdies and 7 pars. The Team had nothing special to report ‘just boring par play!’
Wayne Lockwood, Roger Cann, Sandy Groves and Bob Bradley had 3 birdies but gave a stroke back with a bogie on hole # 5. Of note, Bob B did sink a 30’ putt on hole # 4.
The last Team reporting a sub-par score of 35 included John Walker, Al Pote, Dave Ezell and JoEllen Bahnsen. They had 3 birdies and 2 bogies. Nothing noted. However, a scan of the scorecard showed Al Pote with the best drive on six of the 9 holes.
Hank Campbell, Larry Lowe, Melinda Walker and Dick Moore had a fun outing with a 37. Melinda Walker had her best drive on the par 3 # 4 hole leaving a 16’ putt to the cup. Team members barely missed putts and settled for a par. The Team had 8 pars and 1 bogie. Hank had two drives exceeding 220 yards for holes # 1 and # 9.
Prize balls go to the winning team of Chuck McGuire, Gary Duffy, Dave Strand and John Shea. Congrats on that 33!
Hopefully, all TeeBirds stayed well-hydrated during the high temperatures of the day. as we hope to see again next week for our ‘hot’ match at THE LINKS! It will be a SHAMBLE format with David Anderson as the Starter.   Those up to walking will find The Links executive 9-hole course--much shorter than Ironwood GC--an enjoyable option for some extra exercise.
Enjoy this Fourth of July weekend. Continue to be healthy and safe.
ISU Teebirds Weekly Report June 25, 2020 Weibring GC
It was a special morning with a nice breeze and nice starting temperatures for our masked Teebirds to get signed in for our SHAMBLES match at the Weibring golf course. Some players were still recovering from their INDIVIDUAL scores of last week. No doubt, our Teebirds were looking forward to today’s Team play for the best drives, playing their own ball to the hole. Using the Yard of Putts tape to help each Teebird golfer with good hole scores put some additional ‘fun’ in today’s game.
Of note, we welcomed four women to join our teams today. Two first-time golfers with us were JoEllen Bahnsen and Melinda Walker (John Walker’s wife). Sandy Groves and Trudy Strand were the other two. Thanks so much for joining us today.
Our starter was Roger Cann. With some small adjustments due to a no-show, all 6 teams of 4 golfers got off according to their tee times. Thank you, Roger! Prize balls were passed out by Bob Stefl for last week’s individual and High Five winners. Additionally, there were complimentary bottles of water and soda in coolers for our Teebirds. Temperatures in the 80’s was forecast. Staying hydrated is so important for all our Teebird golfers.
The best Team this week was Dave Ezell, John Kirk, Gary Duffy and Bob Bahnsen with combined scores of 147 for an average of 37! As a Team, they had 9 birdies and one eagle. Dave Ezell really found his short game to post a 32! He had birdies on holes 1, 3 and 6. An EAGLE was caught by Dave on hole # 2! Duffy had birdies on # 8 and # 9, while Bob B had birdies on # 2 and # 6. John K had a birdie on # 6. What a day guys! Fun, fun, fun.
The Team of Dave Anderson, John Shea, Trudy Strand and Dave Strand averaged a score of 43. Dave A had the low score of 39. John Shea launched a 230 yard drive in the middle of fairway # 5.
Roger Cann, Larry Lowe, Al Pote and Dick Moore had a Team average of 41 while Al P scored a 38.
The Team of Melinda and John Walker, Jim Kellogg and Bob Stefl reported an average score of 42 with Jim K being the low scorer with a 37. Jim had a birdie on # 1 while Bob S had birdies on # 3 and # 4. Jim contributed a long 230-yard drive on # 5.
As a Team, Chuck McGuire, Wayne Lockwood, Dave Williams and Gary Klass averaged a 41. Chuck had the low score of 37. Note that Gary K had a 41, 17 strokes better than last week! Welcome back, Gary! The Team all had birdies on the par 3 #7 hole. Chuck had a birdie on # 4 while Gary had a 240-yard drive on # 1.
Hank Campbell, JoEllen Bahnsen, Sandy Groves and Steve Kern pulled together for an average Team score of 40. Steve scored a 38, Hank a 39, Sandy a 40 and JoEllen a 43. It was a lot of fun seeing Steve sink a 33’ birdie putt on # 6 followed by a 32’ putt for par by JoEllen. This was helped with Steve’s 200-yard second shot in the fairway on # 6. The shot of the day may have been Hank’s drive on the par 3 # 4 hole as it stopped 6 inches past the cup. Using the Yard of Putts tape gave the card score of a HOLE IN ONE! Steve, JoEllen and Sandy sank their 6” putts for a birdie 2. Perhaps they, too, could have used their tapes for a HOLE-IN-ONE. Is there a rule on this? No matter. It was fun for the whole Team.
Prize balls go to the Team of Ezell, Kirk, Duffy and Bahnsen for low score of 37 while amassing 9 birdies and one eagle. Dave Ezell for the men’s low score of 32. Sandy Groves for low women’s score of 40. And prize ball to Hank Campbell for the tape assisted Hole-in-one!
Thanks to the 24 Teebird golfers who played today. Hope you stayed hydrated. Next week, we travel to Ironwood for a SCRAMBLE match. Gary Klass will be our Starter. Please, sign up and then check the pairings and tee times for July 2nd. Wear your mask to enter the clubhouse. Stay safe and healthy as we bring June to a close. 
And, don't be a no-show.  Call or text Dave Williams at 309-287-6427 if you need to cancel the morning of play or by email if you need to cancel before the day of play (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)
Our best to all our Teebirds for a fine weekend.
ISU Teebirds Weekly Report June 18, 2020 Weibring GC
What a day for nineteen Teebird golfers to show up and play at the challenging Weibring golf course. The weather was quite nice starting in the low seventies with the forecast to reach nearly ninety later in the day. It was so good to see our Teebirds show up with masks in the clubhouse to get signed in and greet each other. Keep it up so we can continue to be safe for each other.
The format for the match was individual play. To add more interest and challenge for each player was the HIGH FIVE game. Drive your first shot into the fairway and you have 5 points. If the fairway is missed zero points for the hole. For each putt taken on a green one point is taken from the 5. After 9 holes, scores are added up. For our group, a score of 14 or better is respectable. It may show that a Teebird golfer kept their drive in the fairway for at least 5 of the 9 holes and 1 or 2 putted to get the ball in the cup.
Our starter was Chuck McGuire. With some small adjustments, all groups got off smoothly. Thank you, Chuck.  Wayne Lockwood shared that almost all Starter slots are filled for the season. Please remember your date and show up about 15 minutes early in case minor changes are needed. Just ask other Teebirds if you feel you need some help.
Individual scoring is a difficult format for many of our Teebirds. We really like to play the game but we find we have trouble consistently hitting our drivers, fairway shots, chip shots and then putting the ball in the cup. The results indicated our group today averaged 47 for 9 holes with the most frequent score being 47 and the middle score was 48. Our range of scores was 25 with a low of +2 and a high of +27. Our goal is to have fun and to be encouraging to each of our Teebirds shot by shot. 
With the HIGH FIVE results, we had seven of our 19 golfers score 14 through 18 points. Three of them tied with a high score of 18!
Al Pote* had a fine day with a 38, only +2 over par. However, he could only muster 7 High Five points.
Jim Kellogg* logged a 40 with a +4 plus scored 18 High Five points. A very nice combo!
Hank Campbell* anchored third place with a 44 while only earning 9 High Five points.
Sandy Groves* had the best women’s score with a 54 and did well with 14 High Five points.
Trudy Strand* had the women’s best High Five score of 16 points! Only 2 less than the men! Way to go Trudy. We are glad you are with the Teebirds.  Our top 3 High Five players tied at 18 points were Wayne Lockwood, Steve Kern and Jim Kellogg.

We want to encourage the Captains to report notable shots or accomplishments during each week’s outing. This week, we only had reports from one Team. Al Pote sank a 39’ putt on hole # 1 for a birdie 3 on the par 4 hole. It gave him 4 High Five points on this first hole! (He only got 3 more for a total of 7.)
Hank Campbell had a nice 250-yard drive down the middle of # 3. He had a 245-yard drive down the middle of # 9 fairway. (Then was two over par for the hole! Go figure.)
Prize balls go to the top 3 individual scores by Al, Jim and Hank. A ball to Jim, Steve and Wayne with a tied score of 18 on the High Five. Sandy Groves, a ball for best women’s score and Trudy a ball for best High Five for women.
Thanks to everyone who played today. Hope you stayed hydrated. Next week, we return to ISU Weibring for a SHAMBLES match. Please, sign up and then check the pairings and tee times for June 25. Wear your mask to enter the clubhouse.
Stay safe and heathy
ISUTeebirds Weekly Report June 11, 2020 Prairie Vista GC
Driving horizontal rains with 20 to 30 mph winds happened here in the Bloomington-Normal area for the two days before the Teebirds outing. The Thursday morning at the Prairie Vista course had 24 golfers who arrived a bit early for their tee times. We all experienced cloudless skies with mild temperatures in the low seventies. The golf course was in fine shape with crisp views in all directions. Thanks to Matt at Prairie Vista course for checking us in and having separate carts available. All Teebirds checking in inside the clubhouse were required to have a mask. Wayne Lockwood was our starter with all six groups. Thank you!
The results for our six groups for this Scramble outing were unique as we had 3 Teams scoring two under par 34’s for the 9 holes and 3 Teams with 1 over par scores of 37!
The top Team determined by a scorecard review was Sandy Groves, Steve Kern, Jim Kellogg and Dave Ezell. They had 3 birdies on the first 4 holes and 1 bogie on the treacherous putting green of the par 3 # 5. (What a pin placement!) Prize balls to each of the Team members!
The Chuck McGuire, John Kirk, Gary Duffy and Dave Anderson Team had a 34 reporting 2 birdies and 7 pars for the round. Dave A hit a 107 yard shot to within 3 ft of the pin on # 4 and a putt for the bird.
The Team of Wayne Lockwood, John Walker, Bob Bradley and Al Pote reported a 34 with 3 birdies and 1 bogie on the tough # 7 hole. They followed with a bird on # 8. John Walker had a chip-in from 25 ft on # 2 while Al Pote had a fine 235 yd drive on # 4.
Roger Cann, Bob Bahnsen, Gary Klass and Dick Moore were a Team with a 37 score with 3 bogies and 2 birdies. No special shots were noted on the scorecard.
The Team of Dave Williams, Ron Smith, Trudy Strand and Dave Strand had a 37. Three bogies were offset by birdies on the two par 3 holes. Trudy S sank a 20 ft putt on # 6 while Ron Smith contributed with a 190 yd second shot over the water on # 7 and a 20 ft putt for a birdie on # 8.
Hank Campbell, Larry Lowe, Penny Stephens and John Shea teamed together for a 37. It was a day of very close but missed putts. Larry Lowe hit his drive to within 30 inches of the pin on # 5. A tough side-hill lie for a birdie was missed by all, but the par putt was made.
It was a fun day to play at Prairie Vista! Next week, we return to ISU Weibring for Individual play.
Please, respond to the Play/No Play email and then check the pairings and tee times for June 18 on our website, isuteebirds.net. Wear your mask to enter the clubhouse. Stay safe and healthy.
ISUTeebirds Weekly Report June 4, 2020  ISU Weibring GC
Welcome to the  Teebirds golf group as we start our 2020 season of Play. Thanks to all who showed up to participate in our first outing at the Weibring Golf Course. A special welcome to our new members JoEllen Bahnsen, Bob Bahnsen, Al Pote and Ron Smith. There may be more members joining during our future outings. Thanks to all who showed up on Thursday with individual masks to get us off to a safer start and for those who submitted the $10 dues (in envelopes) to Hank Campbell. There are now 22 paid Teebird golfers.
Thanks are deserved to Tom Szymoniak, the ISU Weibring pro who helped us with sign-ins, carts, etc. And to Dave Williams who has worked with our website and the Golf Genius program to help all Teebird members with information and guidelines due to the COVID-19 situation, scheduling, formats, locations, time and sign up. Thank you, Dave!
What a nice beautiful morning to start our season on Thursday, June 4th.  We had 5 groups get off the new ‘Forward Tee” by our Starter, Wayne Lockwood.  Wayne is still seeking volunteer Starters for future weekly outings. Thank you, Wayne.
Even though it was a warm morning, it was no match for the ‘hot’ group of Roger Cann, Penny Stephens, Gary Duffy and Ron Smith. They had great fun with this Scramble scoring a sterling -5 for a 9-hole team score of 31!  They were our winning Team with each to receive a ‘Teebirds’ golfball. Each member must have routinely contributed to this robust achievement. However, no special events or shots were submitted on the scorecard.
Our second-best Team was Dave Ezell, Dave Williams, Jim Kellogg and Hank Campbell. Their scorecard showed a 33. Notably, Dave Williams made an off the green chip on #5 giving them a birdie. Jim K sank a 33’ putt on # 7 for a birdie.
John Shea, Bob Bahnsen, Dave Anderson and Chuck McGuire finished with a 34 with Dave Anderson having a solo birdie on #7.
Sandy Groves, Gary Klass, Al Pote and David Strand scored a one-under 35. Al Pote hit a booming drive of 288 yards on # 3.
Steve Kern, Dick Moore, Larry Lowe and Wayne Lockwood made it through the round with a 39. There was nothing of note for shots to report.
Thanks to all. We appreciate all of you! Please, continue to be safe and healthy. See you next week for a Scramble at Prairie Vista at 8 am.

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