Member Duties

Player Duties: 

  • Be present and ready to play 10 minutes before your scheduled tee time. 
  • Let us know by Monday of each week if you are not playing; if you must cancel at the last minute call the pro shop (see numbers below) to let us know or call or text one of the planning committee members.
  • Play “ready golf” and keep up a good pace of play.
  • Max score on a hole is double par: when you reach that, pick ball up.
  • Alert your captain to birdies, eagles, chip in’s,  long putts and drives, etc.
  • Offer to keep score for your team with the Golf Genius app for your smartphone
  • See the full TeeBirds Golf Rules for more details.

Starter’s Duties:

  •  Be at golf course ready to go 15 minutes before the first tee time.
  •  Check in golfers, make sure each group is ready to go on schedule.
  • Adjust groups as needed for no shows and late shows.
  • Make sure each team knows the game format for the day and any special “contests" added for the day’s game
  • Starter will play in last group.

Captain’s Duties: 

  •  Keep scores and turn in scores to the pro shop desk after the round.  
  • Find someone on your team to keep score with the Golf Genius app as well
  • Clearly note any birdies, eagles, chip-in’s or other great shots on the score card.
  • Keep track of  any “special contest” scores for the day, e.g.,  fewest putts.
  • In days with team play, coordinate team decisions.
  • If fewer than 4 members in scramble, maintain the rotation order for extra shots.

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