Golf Game Formats & Challenges



The team members select the best tee shot of the four, and ALL golfers then play their second shot from that location. After the second shot, again select the best location for all to play their third shots. Play is continued in this manner until the hole is completed. After the hole is completed, the team score is recorded and play continues. In a Texas Scramble, at least one drive of each member of the team must be used during the course of the round. Record which player's drive is used on each hole.


  • The TeeBird version of Shambles combines a Scramble with individual play with the format changing depending on par for the hole:
  • On Par 3's & 4’s: All players hit own drive, take best position of group, then play their own ball individually for rest of hole.
  • On Par 5’s: Play best position for first TWO balls, then play individually from there. 


  • Everyone plays their own ball and score is per individual.  Traditionally Teebirds play from the most forward, red tees, men and women
  • Par-3 Play:  Same as individual play, but everyone tees off from the 150 yard marker and keeps their individual score.


The Lone Ranger tournament format is a fun game that is played with foursomes or threesomes. Every hole, one player in that foursome is assigned to be the Lone Ranger. On the 1st hole, player in position 1 in the pairings will act as the Lone Ranger. On the 2nd hole, player in position 2 in the pairings will act as the Lone Ranger. On the 3rd, player in position 3. On the 4th, player in position 4. The cycle then repeats throughout the rest of the nine holes.

When playing this format, you will count the Lone Ranger's ball as well as the best-ball of the other 3 players. So, two balls will be counted on each hole plus the sum of the two scores as a team score.  At the end, the team score counts as the total of Lone Ranger scores and the best-ball scores.  

  • Lone Ranger plays his/her own ball for that hole while the rest of the team (3-some or 4-some respectively) play a scramble.
  • Record the Lone Ranger score and the best-ball scramble score for each hole and the sum of the two for the total team score on each hole.
  • Foursome: Each team member must be the Lone Ranger on two holes of the round; team captain’s choice for the final 9th hole.  
  • Threesome: Each team member must be the Lone Ranger on three holes of the round.

RED-WHITE-BLUE  (scramble play only)

  • In a Red, White and Blue format, golfers are playing a traditional scramble.  
  • The colors refer to the tees on the teebox with Red being the front most tees, White the next tees back, and Blue the next tees back (The color may vary from course to course, at ISU it is Red-Gold-White; Prairie Vista course is Green-White-Blue with Green the front most tee.
  • Begin the first hole by teeing off from the most forward tees (Red). When your team scores bogey on a hole, play the next one from the forward tees (Red). When the team pars a hole, play from the middle or white tees (White), the tees one back from the forward red tees. When the team birdies a hole, play the next hole back from the middle tees (Blue). To repeat:  (Red) for bogey and first hole, (White) for par, and (Blue) for birdie.  Adjust colors to fit course tee markers: ISU Red-Gold-White; Prairie Vista Green-White-Blue. 



On any shamble or individual play, sum up the best two scores on each hole for a “Team Score” along with individual scores.

HIGH FIVE’s (add on)

High Five’s is a fun way to reward drives in the fairway and fewest putts in one score.  Here is how works:

  • On any hole, if a golfer puts their drive in the fairway they start with 5 high-five points for that hole
  • Then, that player subtracts 1 point from the 5 for the number of putts they make on that hole
  • Record that number as their High Five score for that hole.

Example 1:  Your drive is in the fairway (5 points).  You two putt, so your High Five points is 3 (5 - 2)
Example 2:  Your drive is in the fairway (5 points).  You chip in off the green for 0 putts.  Your High-Five score is 5.
Example 3:  My drive isn’t in the fairway (0 points) on that hole.

BINGO-BANGO-BONGO (add on, only for Individual Play)

Bingo-Bangs-Bongo (BBB) is a points-based game that can be played by any number of golfers within a foursome or threesome during individual play: 

NOTE! With B-B-B teams must play furthest-player’s ball from the hole plays first from drive to hole on the green.  Do not play ready-golf!

In BBB, three types of achievements are rewarded with a point on each hole. Caution:  When playing this game, it is important to follow the rule of golf that the player away, furthest from the hole, plays first (not "ready golf" as the Teebirds usually play).  Tap-ins out of turn don't count.  Ties for any given point result in splitting that point (a half-point for a 2-way tie, third-point for a 3-way tie, quarter-point for a 4 way tie). The captain of the team settles ties and applying the BBB rules. Add up the points at the end of the game, and high points wins. 

1.  BINGO:  First player in a group to get a ball on the green gets a point (1 point)

2.  BANGO: The player in the group whose ball is closest to the pin once all balls are on the green gets a point (1 point).

3.  BONGO:  The player in the group who is first to hole out gets a point (point).


Each player receives a yard of free putts to be used during your round.  You will receive a paper tape yard stick (“tape”).  You can use this as following during your round.  PLEASE DO NOT LITTER THE COURSE WITH THE PAPER TAPE! 

  • The tape can be used to finish off a putt that didn't make it to the hole without counting a stroke.
  • The tape can be used to get your ball on the green closer to the hole without counting a stroke, then finish the putt for a stroke that counts.
  • Measure the distance from the ball to the edge of the cup or from the ball to as close to the hole as the tape permits. Tear off that amount of tape.
  • The key is to strategically use your tape through out the round until your yard of putts is used up. When you’ve used up all the tape the free putts are gone.
  • For example:  You’ve made a wonderful lag putt but came up just 3 inches short of the hole.  You are now laying 5 on a par 5 and risk making a 6.  Measure the distance and tear that distance off of the tape. The distance counts as a free putt into the hole and you score your 5!  
  • Put the torn piece anywhere but NOT on the green or course please!  Pocket, trashcan, golf bag, chew and swallow it if you need protein ☺. 

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